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Company of the White Lance
Blazon:(Fieldless) A lance argent.
Registered:August 1999
to:Kingdom of the Middle

The Company of the White Lance

The Order shall be given to individuals who, in the sight of the Crown, have shown excellence in two of three areas of equestrian activities: skill, service and the arts and sciences.

The Order shall confer upon the holder a Grant of Arms if that individual is not already a holder of a Grant of Arms.


Below the Dragon's Heart in precedence

Equal to the Bronze Ring, Gold Mace, Greenwood Company and Evergreen

Rights and Privileges

Holders of the Order shall be entitled to place after their names the initials, C.W.L. and may be styled and announced in precedence as Companion of the White Lance.

Companions of the Order may display the badge emblazoned: (Fieldless) A lance argent.


This Award was created by ?

There were three premieres of this Equestrian Order; Serena Kimbalwyke, Zuriel Nightshade and Mathilde of Jaravellir – Apr 17, 1999 by TRM Dag and Elayna

See Scroll texts for standard and variation texts for this Award or Order.

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