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A Hamlet is an experimental group (as of 2023). Essentially the group gives up money and property to a sponsor group. They then do not have to file financial or other paperwork. Their sole responsibility is to maintain communication with the sponsoring group. They may continue to have meetings covered by the SCA insurance as they are essentially now part of the sponsoring group.

When a group decides that it is no longer viable and considers the options of going into dormancy, dissolving or forming a Hamlet. The group must poll its members to decide the route they wish to take. If dissolving, entering dormancy or forming a Hamlet the Group polls its members about the fate of group funds, only active groups may hold funds. They must be transferred to an active group. This may be a Barony, a local Shire or Canton, or the Kingdom.

If forming a Hamlet, the group must ensure that they have the support of a locally active group (Barony, Shire or Canton), and together with the sponsoring group complete an application to apply for Hamlet status. The sponsoring group must be geographically adjacent to the Hamlet, a Canton of a Barony may only become a Hamlet of its own Barony not another one. If the application is approved by the Kingdom Seneschal, then the group can move forward with the transfer of all funds and dissolution of the group to form a Hamlet.

Rules for hamlets:

  • You may name yourself your old group name styled as follows, “Old name” Hamlet of “Sponsoring group”, or “Hamlet of Old name” of “Sponsoring group”.
  • You may hold practices provided that they are advertised (on sponsoring group and Hamlet media) as a sponsoring group practice. I.e. The Hamlet of “Old Name” is proud to host a “Sponsoring group” practice. You are still required to have a warranted marshal and all reports must be submitted to the sponsoring group.
  • You may hold meetings/A&S etc provided that they are advertised as a sponsored meeting. I.e. The Hamlet of “Old Name” is hosting a meeting of “sponsoring group”.
  • You may not hold or spend funds. All funds must be transferred to the sponsoring group and a final exchequer report showing a zero balance made before an Hamlet status will be finalized.
  • You may not host events, although you may do so as officers and volunteers for the sponsoring group.
  • You must maintain communication channels with your sponsoring group they are expected to report on activity of the Hamlet.
  • Hamlet designation must be renewed every two years and is subject to denial by the Kingdom Seneschal.

A Hamlet may decide to pursue full status if membership numbers increase. At that time they would become an incipient Canton/Shire/group. The sponsoring group/kingdom may release the name and heraldry back to them. However, once monies are transferred to another group they cease to be Canton/Shire/group funds and cannot be returned. From the point of view of the SCA once a Canton/Shire/group is dissolved it is gone for good.

Midrealm Baronies: Andelcrag, Ayreton, Brendoken, Carraig Ban, Cleftlands, Cynnabar, Donnershafen, Fenix, Flame, Flaming Gryphon, Illiton, Middle Marches, Northwoods, Red Spears, Rivenstar, Roaring Wastes, Shadowed Stars, Shattered Crystal, Sternfeld

Midrealm Shires: Afonlyn, Altenberg, Aurea Ripae, Baile na Scolairi, Caer Gwyn, Cuil Choluim, Dark River, Dragon's Vale, Dragonsmark, Eastwatch, Falcon's Quarry, Grenemere, Greyhope, Mynydd Seren, Narrental, Okenshield, Qal`at Ja`far, Ravenslake, Rivenvale, Riviere Constelle, Starleaf Gate, Steren Codha, Stormvale, Swordcliff, Talonval, White Waters

Midrealm Cantons: Alderford, Border Keep, Brackendelve, Castell Gwent, Catteden, Dernehealde, , Ealdnordwuda, Fearann na Criche, Foxvale, Gleann Iaruinn, Grey Gargoyles, Gwyntarian, Havenholde, Hawkes Keye, Hrothgeirsfjorthr, Lochmorrow, Marshes, Mugmort, Norborough, Nordheim, Oakford, Pferdestadt, Rimsholt, Rokkehealden, Thistle, Three Hills, Three Towers, Three Walls, Tirnewydd, Tree-Girt-Sea, Unicorn, Vanished Wood, WealdLake, Westmere, Winged Hills, Woods End

Other Territories: Riding: Hawkland Moor, College: Saint Brutus, Hamlets: Dun Traigh, Blackhawk

Incipient and Proto-Incipient: Auenwald, Austrigatt, Cetus, Grenemere

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