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Meridies is the fifth kingdom created in the SCA. The first coronation was held in January of A.S. XII (1978).

Meridies is the Middle Kingdom's neighbor to the south. Meridies' parent Kingdom was Atenveldt, not the East. The first Prince of Meridies was invested by the Crown of Atenveldt, not the East.

The territory that became Meridies *was* briefly assigned to the East for administrative purposes, but was moved to Atenveldt due to difficulties communicating with the PTB in the East. One source of the early confusion was that no one outside the area known as the southlands, later called Meridies, seemed to realize that the folk in Louisiana and the folk in Georgia and Alabama were working more or less together, and had no intention of being divided between Atenveldt and the East.

Creation Order: 5
First Coronation: January 1978
Geography: Alabama, almost all of Georgia, a bit of the panhandle of Florida, most of Tennessee, and part of Kentucky (Bowling Green and surrounding area).
Parent Kingdom: Atenveldt
Principalities: None at present.


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