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1. A medieval term for fidelity.

2. The status of owing service and loyalty when one has sworn an oath of fealty. SCA members can swear fealty to anyone who wishes to receive it, but it is a serious matter and should not be done lightly. Traditionally, knights and officers of the crown swear fealty to the sovereigns as a matter of course and right, while other members do so at the sovereigns' invitation. It is very common now for the other peerage orders to be so invited, and for the general populace of the kingdom to be invited from time to time. Kingdom law now obliges territorial barons and baronesses to swear fealty to the crown. Oaths of fealty between others are a private matter for households or individuals.


Oaths of Fealty

Oaths of Fealty for peerage orders vary from Kingdom to Kingdom. Knights, Pelicans, Laurels and Landed Barons must swear Fealty. Masters of Arms and the populace are not required to swear Fealty, though they may choose to do so. Oaths are traditionally sworn in court upon Oathbinder, the sword of state.

A complete list of the various oaths is available here: http://www.midrealm.org/heraldry/forms/MKProtocolHandbook.pdf

The Royal Peer's Oath

I hear swear fealty and service
To the Crown of the Middle Kingdom,
To ever give wise counsel to the Crown,
Supporting the aims and ideals of the Realm,
As befits one of my station.
Thus swear I, <Name>

The Knight's Oath

I here swear fealty and do homage
to the Crown of the Middle Kingdom:
To ever be a good knight and true,
Reverent and generous,
Shield of the weak,
Obedient to my liege-lord,
Foremost in battle,
Courteous at all times,
Champion of the right and the good.
Thus swear I, Sir <Name>

The Pelican's Oath

I here swear fealty and do homage
To the Crown of the Middle Kingdom
To serve the Crown in all things
To remember courtesy and kindness
To prize justice above personal gain
To labor for the common good
To enrich the Kingdom and the Society
So they may flourish and grow
And to be worthy of the title of Pelican.
Here by my honor, my hand
and my heart swear I, <Name>

The Laurel's Oath

I here swear fealty and service
To the Crown of the Middle Kingdom.
To ever enrich the Crown
With my talents and abilities.
To promote the diverse arts.
To continue the instruction of my dependents.
To increase the glory of the Middle Kingdom,
And to be worthy of the Wreath I wear.
Thus swear I, <Name>

The Populace Oath

I here swear fealty and do homage to the Crown of the Middle Kingdom,
To uphold the laws and customs of the Midrealm,
To serve where serve I might,
According to my knowledge and ability.
Thus swear I, <Name>.

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