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Historically a sumptuary law is any law that restricted modes of dress based on class or nobility. Sumptuary laws are useful to a costuming researcher for providing information on fashionable dress and materials available at a time. These laws frequently regarded the use of expensive fabrics or dyes.


Sumptuary laws within the Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom has few actual sumptuary laws, but several items of dress are restricted so strongly by sumptuary custom that people consider them to be actual laws of the kingdom. Although many sumptuary laws and customs practiced within the Midrealm hold true throughout many kingdoms, some customs are uniquely ours. For example a person with an Award of Arms in the Middle Kingdom may wear an unadorned circlet; in many other kingdoms this is not allowed unless someone has a grant of arms.

Items Restricted by Law

The actual sumptuary laws in existence today can be found in section IX-200 through IX-212 of the Laws of the Middle Kingdom. Which ca be read here

It should be noted that while many other kingdoms will have similar customs, they do vary. For example, the Kingdom of the West's royal crowns are silver.

Items Restricted by Custom in the Middle Kingdom

A full list of these customs can be found in the Middle Kingdom Protocol Handbook.

Note: Customs can be as important as laws, and as strictly enforced. For customs not related to dress see the articles on the Royal Presence, Court and Events

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Sumptuary customs for the Midrealm are maintained in the Midrealm Protocol Handbook

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