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The common term for the royal presence. Still more formally, the Sanctum Mediterrani.

Martial RUM 2015, during the Reign of Cadogan and AnneMarie.

The persons of the king and queen and their regalia and belongings, especially the thrones themselves, are regarded as sacrosanct and not to be approached without due respect.

This is the ten-foot region around, and especially in front of the thrones, into which persons should not come or cross in front of without the invitation or permission of Their Majesties, either explicit or implicit. Even when the thrones are empty, it is the custom in the Middle Kingdom for those crossing directly in front of the thrones or approaching them, to bow.

Rose Tourney 2015, during the Reign of Ragnvaldr and Arabella.

Great Officers of State have implicit permission to enter and approach gracefully; others should await explicit invitation, such as a signal or spoken word from Their Majesties or an on-duty functionary such as a herald, chamberlain or guard.

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