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Also referred to as a Coat of Arms, arms are an heraldic device registered to an armiger. To receive "arms" is to be ennobled. The King and Queen may Award arms, or they may Grant arms, giving the armiger a still higher precedence, or they may give arms by Letters Patent, which makes the recipient a Peer.

The Middle Kingdom has several sumptuary laws relating to the display of arms in full achievement including mantling, supporters and a helm.

You do not need to be awarded arms to design and register your own arms, however it is against custom to display any coat of arms until you have been awarded them. If you have not received an Award of Arms or higher, the design is typically referred to as a device.

Registering Arms

The first step is usually to consult with an herald, most local groups have a group herald who can help you.

All Registered arms must have at least two points of difference from all other registered arms. (expand on this)

Filling out paperwork

Sending it off to the College of Heralds

Decision process

Letter of acceptance

Design Tips

Avoid "resume" heraldry! A lot of people want to make their registered arms about who they are and what they do, for example a seamstress wanting spools of thread or sewing needles on her arms. This may seem fun, but often results in complex and un-attractive heraldry.

Try to keep it simple: There are a lot of simple devices and charges that are available. Remember you may eventually want to sew a banner, tabbard or paint this device on something.

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