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Squires wear red belts

A Squire is a dependant of a Knight or a Master of Arms who teaches them one or many of the arts martial. They are recognizable by their wearing of a red belt or baldric, a symbol of their association.

Red belts and baldrics are not restricted to squires by sumptuary law, but there is a strong tradition in the Middle Kingdom identifying red as the color of squires.

Much like the color of their belts, the squire-Knight/Master relationship is not officially defined by Kingdom or SCA, Inc. law. Each relationship is defined by the participating Knight/Master and squire, meaning that the duties and expectations vary considerably from squire to squire. Generally speaking, a Knight/Master swears to teach his or her squire the arts martial, and the duties of being a member of the Order of Chivalry. But in practice these relationship can range from hard-core, rigidly defined fealty or servitude to a pair of buddies sharing a drink.

Becoming a squire denotes no rank, and it is a misnomer to say that a person has been "elevated" to squire.

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