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A broad collar or necklace, usually of metal plaques linked together, after the fashion of medieval nobles who wore such collars to indicate rank, office or affiliation. The most famous example is the collar of SS, or collar of esses, worn by those affiliated with the Lancastrian dynasty. Livery collars are ordinarily worn by persons of high rank in the SCA, and in other kingdoms are actually restricted for the use of peers. There they are often called peerage collars.

The Middle Kingdom has no sumptuary custom regarding livery collars other than the white livery collar which is reserved for Masters of Defense. Anyone may wear one, although a wearer might want to be sensitive to local customs.

A frequent feature of peerage collars in other kingdoms is enameled plaques featuring the badges of the various awards and orders to which the wearer belongs. This charming custom is occasionally duplicated in the Middle by cloth badges on hoods, cloaks or hats, but is not yet common in livery collars.

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