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While the term scribe usually refers to a Calligrapher, the usage in the SCA often indicates the creator of a court scroll either as a Calligrapher or Illuminator (or both). There is a loosely organized College of Scribes in the Middle Kingdom.

There are many other activities that a scribe can do including penning poetry, writing oaths, writing books and any other activity a scribe may have done in the SCA period.

There is no official pre-requisite or limitation of whom can be called a scribe. Scribes come from all segments of the society including fighters, fencers, youth, dancers, etc. and a full spectrum of artistic skill and authenticity as well.

Court scribe's enjoy a position of honor in the Middle Kingdom as they are trusted with award information before a court.

Middle Kingdom Scribe's Handbook:

See also: signet

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