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Chatelain of the Middle Kingdom

Office badge
Gregory Bryant

since 2023

In the Middle Ages, the term Chatelain or Castellan referred to the commander of the castle. The feminine form, Chatelaine, was the woman who supervised its daily function and kept the keys. Frequently, he/she was in charge of hospitality to any guests. In the Middle Kingdom, we use the term Chatelaine or Chatelain to refer to the officer who assists newcomers in their efforts to find a place within the Society for Creative Anachronism. Some kingdoms use the term Hospitaller or Castellan instead of Chatelain(e).

The Kingdom Chatelain(e) is one of the first points of contact for newcomers to the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., within the Middle Kingdom. All regional, principality, baronial or local Chatelaines report to this Great Officer.

The Middle Kingdom accepted the Chatelain(e) into the Curia Regis as a Great Office under the term of Maestra Giovanna Adimari.

The Kingdom Chatelaine has several chatelaine regional deputies who oversee specific activities of the Kingdom. These include:

  • Deputy for Recruitment, Retention, and Demos

For more information about the Chatelaine's office visit:


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