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Status:Current Member
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Resides:Shire of Dragonsmark

Lozengy Or and gules, a duck rising wings elevated sable, on a cheif vert three ducks naiant Or.



14th Century German Tavern Owner

Holy Roman Empire- German States. Swabia. Augsburg 1349 ( because that is when they got hit with a black death)

Offices & Positions


Membership Committee (Premiere member, 1 of 4), Board of Directors, SCA.Org


Regional Chatelaine, Constellation, Middle Kingdom

Chatelaine, Barony of White Waters, Middle Kingdom

Chatelaine Deputy of Special Projects- Gold Key, Middle Kingdom

Deputy Chatelaine, Canton of Rokkhealden, Middle Kingdom


Chancellor, Royal University of the Midrealm, Middle Kingdom

Deputy Chancellor, Royal University of the Midrealm, Middle Kingdom

Dean of History and Administration, Royal University of Midrealm, Middle Kingdom

Army: Combat Archery Constellation XO, Midrealm Army, Middle Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Cynugua, West Kingdom


Seneschal, Ayreton, Middle Kingdom

Deputy Seneschal, Ayreton, Middle Kingdom

Deputy Seneschal, Shire of Alpensee, Cynugua, West Kingdom


Kingdom Minister of Youth, Calontir

Royal Staff:

Royal Land Agent for SCA 50th, Midrealm

Reign of Cameron and Amalie

Mistress of the Robes, Midrealm

Reign of Julianna and Savaric


Tavern Keeper, The Drunken Duck

Premiere Hospitaller Confrere, The Brotherhood of Steel

Apprenticed to Margaret Bruce of Calontir

Apprentice Specialty: Research with emphasis on domestic arts and sciences including sewing, brewing, vinting, leatherwork, and cooking

Previous Protege to Thryi Heraldsdottir of Calontir (returned belt)

Baroness Verena tending bar with Leila the Red at the SCA 50 Year tavern.


King's Chalice- August 8, 2018 ( Pennsic, A.S. 53). For excellence and authenticity in medieval beverages.

Royal Augmentation of Arms; lamp of knowledge- 28 Oct, 2017 (A.S. 52)

Order of the Fount – July 2017 ( A.S 52) For excellence and dedication to the arts and sciences for the Barony of White Waters.

Order of the Silver Oak - 27 May, 2017 (A.S. 42) - For proficiency in brewing.

Award of the Acanthus (White Waters) - May, 2016 (A.S. 51) - For service to the Barony of White Waters as A&S event coordinator and teacher.

Order of the Dragon's Heart - 07 Aug, 2014 (A.S. 49) - For service to the Kingdom through volunteering whenever needed as well as for service to the Royal University of the Midrealm.

Order of the Evergreen - 13 Mar, 2014 (A.S. 48) - For excellence and skill in the art of teaching.

Court Baroness - 15 Mar, 2012 (A.S. 46)

Royal Augmentation of Arms; A raven's head with a pearl in it's beak - 12 Nov, 2011 (A.S. 46) - For service to the Their Royal Majesties Eikbrandr and Runa in the form of Royal Garb. 12 Nov, 2011 (A.S. 46)

Award of the Purple Fret - 11 Aug, 2011 (A.S. 46) - For dedication to the Kingdom as a Baronial officer of Ayreton and a deputy position within the Royal University of the Midrealm

Order of the Willow - 11 Sep, 2010 (A.S. 45) - For proficiency in campaign cooking and sewing.

Award of Arms -Cynugua, West Kingdom - 12 Jul, 2003 (A.S. 38) - For service to the Rapier Community of the West Kingdom and the Royal Guild of Defense.

A&S Competitions

Non-Laurel Entrant for Middle Kingdom A&S Champions Pennsic 46

Regional Division 5 (A.S 52)- 6 Entries. All 1st places in Brewing and Vinting.

Pentathlon 2011- Brewing and Vintning, Specialty Beverages, Leather work, Armour Non-Metal, Dyeing, Cooking single dish

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Brewing, Cooking, Sewing, Research, Combat Archery, teaching

Classes Taught

Class Title Subject Description Year
A more period Cordial Brewing
Funny Little Cordial; The Importance of Humors in brewing Brewing
History of Drinking: Common Medieval Drinks Brewing
Honey Based Liquers Brewing
How to drink- How to "Taste" and Judge Drinks Brewing
Intro to Cordials- Plums and prunes in brewing Brewing
Legs and Head of a Good Brew Brewing With terms like Head, Body, and Legs you could be talking about a beauty contest- but in these terms we are looking for the finest glass of homebrew you can imagine. From Absence of off odors to Taste appropriate to type, here are some of the brewing terms used most often in SCA and modern world judging. RUM, August 2016
Lemon and Citris in brewing Brewing
Liquors and Cordials 101 Brewing
Medieval Orange- How to dye orange naturally Brewing
Spring Brewing- using flowers in brewing Brewing
The Fongus amongst our brews- The role of yeast in brewing Brewing
The Medieval Tavern in an SCA World Brewing
Silk Painting Fiber Arts
Wax hardened leather bottles and other drinking vessels. Leatherwork
Schrödinger's Recruitment Recruitment
Tips for Chatelaines Recruitment
Arming Caps- A sewing 101 project Sewing
History of Garb- Look at the basic silhouetes and clothing of the SCA to help you determine what you want to wear. Sewing
A “hood”ed Affair Sewing A brief look at the evolution of the hood from the Roman era through the 15th century. The second part of class will cover pattern and construction for Roman, Norse, 14th century hoods, and Chaperon. Midrealm Coronation, May 2013
Understading fabric for the SCA Sewing
Middle Eastern Felted Shoes Shoe Making
Patterning a custom shoe block Shoe Making
Shoe making 101 Shoe making
How to teach ( and take) a class in the SCA. Teaching

External Links

Drunken Duck- Duck, Duck, Drink! Blog for the Drunken Duck. Includes handouts, classes, recipes and blog posts for historical brews

Die Ente- Virtual website for Baroness Verena Entenwirth. Includes handouts and blog posts for various activities in the SCA.

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