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This is the local starting entry point to the A&S competion system. Only works in the Regional A&S that place 2nd place or better are entitled entry into the Kingdom A&S.

Despite the name, entrants do not compete against each other but only against the A&S criteria for the highest score they can acheive through work quality and documentation. The highest score possible is 30.

The same stringent Middle Kingdom A&S criteria is used at regional as kingdom level to help carefully chosen judges decide a fair score based on authencity, scope, compelxity and over all impression. The more authentic the item and the better it will score.

A&S Champions

There are five divisions of the criteria and the entrant with the highest score in that section may be named Champion of that Division for that region. There are not always Champions named; usually there is a minimum number of entries required to compete for the Champion.

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