Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht

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Status:Current Member
Preferred Title:The Honored Bard
Resides:Shire of Ravenslake

Argent, on a pale azure between two triskelions of spirals purpure, an increscent argent.



Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht is an Irish filidh bard from the kingdom of Connacht, which became the western region of what we now called Ireland. She lived during the tumultuous times surrounding the rise of Brian Boru to power during the early 1000s. She is actually against Boru in the conflict, as Boru's men destroyed her family's lands, leaving her homeless. Where beforehand she entertained as a bard-in-training, made books, and hunted rabbits for the family table, now she sings battle songs, makes armor and hunts in service to her Connachta lords. She is fostered to a formal bardic clan and continues her training as a filidh (ranked) bard.

Affiliations & Relationships

Dependents/Dependent of

Apprentice to Mistress Katriana Op Den Dijk of Calontir - she runs the Calontir song page Calonsong!
Foster Apprentice to Master Cerian Cantwr and the associated House Sans Nomen
Protege to Baronessa Petrona da Manciano
Person-at-arms to Seto Gesshuko

Everything Below This Point Needs Editing as of 2024

Households & Guilds


I dabble in everything in the SCA with three notable exceptions (equestrian, C&I, and dance), but I primarily focus on early Irish culture as a whole, from my garb, armor, food, language, etc. I can translate things into several Celtic languages, particularly Irish, Old Irish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, and Scots. I am working on translating the major award texts into Irish and Welsh at this time - let me know if there's something you'd like done!

I am currently planning a Pentathlon for 2019

See me on Midbard! I usually have a couple pieces in progress!

"Early Period Bookbinding" - a hands-on Carolingian bookbinding class
"Limp Bookbinding" - a hands-on class on limp binding techniques
"Early Irish Persona Basics" - a review of garb, the geography of Ireland, the history of the area, and some fun Irish phrases!
"Early Irish Garb" - like the persona basics, but delving more into garb.
"How to Teach a Class" - a class teaching class, often taught as a roundtable
"Found Object Instruments: the Bagpipe" - a hands-on class to make a simple bagpipe out of everyday materials
"Found Object Instruments: the Bodhran" - a hands-on class to make a simple frame drum out of everyday materials
"Early Irish Shoes" - taught as either a hands-on pattern making class OR a discussion/demonstration of footwear in early Ireland
"What the Ffwc: Celtic Pronunciation Class" - The basics of Irish and Welsh pronunciation.
"Bardic Circle Basics" - Some ideas and suggestions to run your very own bardic circle or performance space.

Heavy Fighting
- Authorized fighter since Mar 18, 2013. Authorized at Melees and Mayhem 2013 in Calontir.
- Authorized in Sword and Shield, Two Sword, Greatweapon, and Combat Archery
- Combat Archery Marshal as of Oct 31, 2016 - contact me if you want to auth CA!
- Heavy Marshal as of June 2017

- Warranted Archery Marshal as of Mar 2013. Warranted in Calontir, transferred to Midrealm

Offices & Positions

Current Offices

Canton of Grey Gargoyles
- Herald, Archery Marshal

Barony of Ayreton
- Deputy MOAS under M Acelina of Deralai, 2nd Deputy Herald under THL Solgai "Moose"

Regional Midlands
- Deputy Archery under THL Robert Thorne - stepping down once a new deputy is found

- Youth Background Check Deputy

- Feast Herald for Foxhunt, Sept 2018 - Event Steward for Bardic Madness 20, in Oct 2018

Past Offices and Positions

Calontir - Shire of Crescent Moon Crescent Moon
-Exchequer 2012-2013
-Archery 2011-2013
-Co-Autocrat - Melees and Mayhem 2012
-Autocrat - Melees and Mayhem 2013

- Canton MOAS Grey Gargoyles 2015-2017
- Canton Chatelaine Grey Gargoyles 2015-2017
- Canton Herald Grey Gargoyles Mar 2017- Oct 1 2018

- Imbibin Class Coordinator for Scribin' & Imbibin 2017
- MiC for Day of Playe 2017
- Event steward for Scribin' & Imbibin 2018
- Archery MiC and Feast Herald for Ragnarok Rampage, in June 2018

Awards and Achievements

AoA Simple
Purple Fret
Torse (Calontir Service AoA)
Dragon's Heart

Pleiades of Ayreton Apr 2016 for banner making and diverse efforts
Pleiades of Ayreton Oct 2017 for heavy marshaling, CA marshaling, and CA
Leo of Ayreton Mar 2018 for A&S activities

Midlands A&S Champion, 2017
Pentathlon entrant, 2017 - based around Irish culture: a polaire (leather book bag), ensemble garb, solo garb piece, Bardic performance, and meads! Barony of Ayreton A&S Champion, July 2018-pres


I sporadically update a blog on my experiences in the SCA, called Ramblings of an SCA Bard it is linked on our Midrealm Blogs page!

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