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This is the premiere arts and sciences (A&S) event in the kingdom. Work in it is only eligible for entry after it has placed 2nd place or better at a Regional A&S, except in the case of a research paper or other mail-in entry. The Kingdom Faire takes place on Memorial Day weekend, the day before Spring Crown Tournament, as per Kingdom Law.

Despite the name, entrants do not compete against each other but only against the A&S criteria for the highest score they can achieve through work quality and documentation. The highest score possible is 30.

The same stringent Middle Kingdom A&S criteria is used at both regional and kingdom level to help carefully chosen judges decide a fair score based on methods & materials, scope, complexity and over all impression.

Judging under the current rules is done in a face-to-face discussion between the entrant and a panel (typically three judges, although two or four judges may also work with the piece.)

Traditionally, when there are entrants, the winner of the Pentathlon becomes the Kingdom A&S Champion, however, the choice of Champion is at the discretion of Their Royal Majesties.

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