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Less well known than the Pentathlon, our Regional arts and sciences faire and Kingdom arts and sciences faire also can award Divisional Champions for each of the Five Divisions of the A&S criteria.

To qualify for the Divisional Champion you need to enter at least 3 different categories in one division (note: Some of the divisional entries listed below do not fulfill that requirement, those entrants would have obtained permission from the A&S Minister to compete) .You cannot enter both the Pentathlon and Divisional Champion. While traditionally the Pentathlon winner is the A&S Faire champion, if there is no Pentathlon entrant the title usually passes to the highest scoring Divisional Champion entry.

Rules for Entering the Midrealm A&S Faire and Divisional Champion

Past Kingdom Divisional Champion Winners

These below had successful Divisional Champion entries compete in the Kingdom A&S Faire:

Year Division Entrant Entries
2015 II Zuriel Nightshade Costume Accessories - Norse Cap, Costume Accessories - Norse front panel, Weaving: Tablet, Needlework, Freeform - Norse Tree of Life
Milesent Vibert (winner) Costume 1451-1600 - a Cranach dress, Knitting/Nalbinding - Elinora de Toledo stockings, Spinning - Linen spun on drop spindle
Emer von Atzinger Costume Accessories - Nalbind socks, Knitting/nalbinding - Nalbound socks, Needlework Misc. -Hand sewn and applique aumoniere
2013 I Caroline de Mercier Original Choreography: European, Dramatic Performance, Bardic Recitation, Bardic Recitation
III Reinhold von Glier Weapon making, Reserach, Iron Working and Toolmaking
IV Isobail of Dunbegane Calligraphy, Illumination, Drawing
2012 V Waldertrudis von Metten Cooking Single Dish, Preserve, Cooking Single Dish, Preserve, Cooking Single Dish, Preserve, Herbcraft and Apothecary, Cooking single dish.
2011 II Katherine von Aachen Costume Accessories, Needlework Free Form, Costume 1351-1450, Costume 1451-1600, Applied bead work: costume
IV AEiric Orvender Leather work, leather work, leather work, bookbinding and leather work
V Waldertrudis von Metten Cooking Single Dish, Cooking Single Dish, and Cooking single Dish
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