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Baroness of the Court of Dag and AnneMarie. Pelican


Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
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1550s Florence

Offices & Positions

Pennsic Signal Corps - Signal 2

Kingdom Positions Kingdom Chatelaine (2014-2017) Kingdom Chatelaine First Deputy - present Pentamere Seneschal (2011-2014) Kingdom Chatelaine Deputy of Recruitment and Retention (2011-2014) Kingdom Law Clerk (2010-2013) Kingdom Media Relations Officer (2010-2013) Landed Baroness – Barony of Cynnabar (2005-2010) Head Retainer (2 years) for Dag and Anne Marie Chamberlain (1 year) for Dag and Anne Marie Author – Midrealm Landed Baronial Handbook (2008)

Event Steward: Grand Day of Tournaments: November, 2016 Co-Event Steward Crown Tournament: Spring, 2015 Co-Event Steward “Twelfth Night”: January 16, 2011 Girl Scout Renaissance Fair, Camp Linden: May, 2006 Holiday Wassail event: December, 2005 Plymouth Library demonstration: June, 2005 “Twelfth Night”: January 8th, 2005 Newcomer Event: October, 2004 Terpsichore (dancing event): April 2003 and 2004. Girl Scout Renaissance Fair, Camp Linden: May 2004

Baronial Positions (Cynnabar): Seneschal Chatelaine Landed Baroness


Pelican Lineage

Giovanna was the protege of Master (now Sir) Midair MacCormack.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Classes taught

SCA Classes Taught: 14th Century Apocalypse Death and Dying in the Middle Ages Retaining 101 Running and Re-thinking SCA Events Awards of the Midrealm Pennsic for Newcomers Court as Theater (with Sir Gregoire de Lyon) Media Relations Policy How to Retain Members

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