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The royalty of the Middle Kingdom, the Great Officers of State, and the Chancellor of RUM who meet in committee to govern the Middle Kingdom.

More often called the curia, or to members, simply 'curia'. The curia must meet at least two times per reign, more often when there is more business or an emergency with which to deal. Curia meetings are held in private, and vary in length and complexity depending on the preferences of the sovereigns. It is customary to hold meetings of the Curia Regis at Crown Tournaments, Coronations and at the Pennsic War.

The actions of the curia are announced in The Pale and in court when appropriate - their actual deliberations and discussions are meant to be secure and not for public consumption, to permit the members the freedom to speak their minds without worry of publication. The sovereigns preside over the curia with the assistance of the kingdom seneschal, and minutes are kept by a Curia Secretary. Non-members are permitted to attend either for specific business in which they have an interest or otherwise by invitation.

In recent years, minutes of the meetings are often posted at the Midrealm web site.

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