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The Earl Marshal is the Great Officer of State who presides over the marshallate and represents the sovereign in the lists. The Earl Marshal arranges and conducts the major kingdom tournaments, especially the Crown Tournament, and also the Pennsic War, in conjunction with the Earl Marshal of the East Kingdom. The Earl Marshal also has the final say (on behalf of the sovereign) on questions of authorization, armor and weapon inspection, Rules of the List and Conventions of Combat. Courts of Chivalry are conducted by the Earl Marshal. Deputy Earl Marshals preside over armored combat activities in each of the principalities and regions. While Earl is a masculine title, one assumes that a lady who filled the job would also be an Earl Marshal. While not required by law, the office is usually filled by a knight, master at arms, or a royal peer. The plural of Earl Marshal is Earls Marshal.


The Earl Marshal fulfills their responsibilities through several deputies. These include:

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