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The Group Knight Marshals (GKMs) are the local officer responsible for martial activity and report (perhaps indirectly) to the Earl Marshal.

Local groups may have one or more of these positions tailored toward the various activities such as armored combat, rapier combat, archery, equestrian, etc. Local groups may also have a single position aggregating the reporting of all of the activity.

A Group Knight Marshal need not be a warranted marshal capable of running a particular activity, although this is often the case. The position is primarily an administrative or coordination position. The position is usually used to also encourage participation in the various marshal activities.

The Group Knight Marshal is often responsible for coordinating local practices and may also be responsible for coordinating or maintaining loaner armor. Some groups maintain a position for managing the loaner armor called the Rusty key.

Citation from the Middle Kingdom Marshal's Handbook

(Version 12.1)

Group Knight Marshals foster and encourage local participation in armored combat, and where interest and participants create the demand, secure for the group the services of an Archery Marshal if those activities are to take place in armored combat. The responsibilities and prerogatives of the Group Knight Marshal include:
  a. Report on a quarterly basis and as otherwise required to the Regional Deputy Marshal concerning local activities.
  b. Maintain accurate records of local authorized and training armored combatants.
  c. Communicate armored combat and marshallate information within the local group, and between the group and the Regional Deputy Marshal and Kingdom Earl Marshal.
  d. Train new combatants, and/or insure that a qualified, experienced individual is found to support this duty.
  e. Ensure observance of the rules and conventions for armored combat.
  f. Supervise all events with armored combat participation hosted by their group and submit all required reports to the appropriate superior officers. The Group Knight Marshal is strongly encouraged to coordinate with autocrats to insure that there is a warranted Chirurgeon at their group's events where martial activities are taking place. The Group Knight Marshal is still responsible for coordination and reporting even if they are not acting as the Marshal-in-Charge of the event.

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