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Order of Defense
Blazon:(Tinctureless) Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed.
Registered:April 2015

The Order of Defense (Defence) is the Peerage Order for rapier combat. Companions of this Order are titled "Master" or "Mistress" and may put the abbreviation OD behind their name. Masters of Defense are known by the regalia of a white livery collar and to bear the badge: (Tinctureless) Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed. It is equal in rank to the Knight, Master of Arms, Laurel and Pelican.

In addition to great Prowess, Masters of Defense in the SCA are expected to exemplify the other Chivalric Virtues, arts and scholarship.


The premieres of the Order placed on Vigil, April 18, 2015
For a detailed history of the creation of the Order of Defense, please refer to the [Caid Commons] until it can be documented for the MiddleWiki.

On April 18, 2015 (AS XLIX) at the Grand Tournament of the Unicorn, the premier members of the Order of Defense were announced and put on vigil by King Cadogan and Queen Anne Marie with the elevation date set for Coronation, May 2nd, 2015 (AS XL). The premiers of the order are: Anton Du Maris, Colin MacNish, Peter Grau Von Bremen.

As they had no peers of their Order to advise them, a group of Peers processed into court to serve as advisers included: Duke Alen, Duke Laurelen, Duke Moonwulf, Duke Talymar, Duke Eikbrandr, Duke Stephen, Duchess Elina, Mistress Gwyneth, Mistress Moira, Mistress Kirsten, Sir William, Master Brusten, Sir Ragnar just to name a few.

The premieres of the Order preparing to hold the field at the Coronation of Ragnvaldr III & Arabella III.

Sample Scroll Text

Peter Grau Von Bremen, Maximilian der Zauberer, and Vindis Sigtrygson's scrolls, as scribed by Master Fearghas Buchannon

A Proclamation unto the Noble, Ancient, Victorious, and most Brave Kingdom of the Middle

All Gentles and Nobles know by these presents that We, <King/Queen>, King by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and <Consort> our Queen, in consideration of his courtesy, skill, and honor both on and off the field, are right mindful to recognize our subject, <Recipient>, as a Master of Defense of the Society, to be in all places of honor numbered as a Peer of our Realm, and a member of the Order of Defense, with all of the rights, privileges, insignia, precedence, and responsibilities thereto appertaining. Done by our hands this <date>, Anno Societatis <SCA year>, in our <location>

Alternate Text

Equity requires and reason ordains that men virtuous and of noble courage be rewarded for their merits by renown, and therefore We, (Name), (King/Queen) by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and (Name), Our gracious (Queen/King), not only by common renown but also by the report and testimony of other noble men worthy of credence are truly advised and informed that (Recipient Name) has long pursued feats of Rapier Combat and as well in this as in other affairs has borne (himself/herself) valiantly and conducted (himself/herself) honourably so that (he/she) has deserved and is well worthy, henceforth perpetually and forever (he/she) may be in all places honourably admitted, renowned, and numbered a Peer of Our Realm and a member of our Order of Defence; with all rights, privileges, insignia, precedence, and responsibilities thereto appertaining. And furthermore do We confirm unto (him/her) by these letters Patent the right to bear arms as duly registered with the College of Arms. Done by Our hand and seal this (ordinal) day of (month), A.S. (year) in Our (location).

Masters of Defense of the Middle Kingdom

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