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The Tournament of Arts was established in AS 52 (2017). It is an Arts and sciences analog to the similar Tournament of Chivalry and Tournament of Defense. It is intended to give participants a chance to seek feedback similar to those in the regional Arts and Sciences competitions.



Much like the Chivalry and the Defenders of the Kingdom strive to test the mettle of unbelted warriors through their respective tournaments, the Laurels of the Kingdom shall challenge all artisans to assemble at The Tournament of Arts (TOA) and bring their finest work for evaluation, criticism, and admiration.

Understand that this is not a competition—this is a platform to allow Laurels and artisans to connect and discuss their shared passion for the arts. There are no criteria to meet, no judging of projects, and no scoresheets.

The TOA gives artisans the opportunity to have face-to-face consultation time with members of the Order of the Laurel in order to get feedback, assistance, or showcase their Arts and Sciences projects in a relaxed, but structured, event setting. The TOA is also a way for artisans to gain word-fame for their research, craftsmanship, and ambition.

This activity will be approved by each set of Royal Majesties and, along with the TOA Coordinator, will be set to occur at an event chosen by Their Royal Majesties. Therefore, events cannot decide to hold a TOA, although calls for TOA bids will be announced by the TOA coordinator. Events can then submit bids in hopes of hosting the TOA. The event chosen to host the TOA will be selected by Their Royal Majesties by using several different factors, including the date of the event and the suitability of the site for the TOA.

Unlike the Regional and Kingdom A&S Faires, the TOA

  • is open to artisans of all skill levels.
  • does NOT require any form of documentation to enter.
  • has no time limits on when a project has been started and/or completed.
  • has no criteria to meet, no judging of projects, and no scoresheets.

The artisan needs to sign up by the assigned deadline and bring their project to the event. Documentation is a plus but is NOT required. It is beneficial for the artisan to know what kind of feedback they would like during their consultation with the consulting Laurel. Some examples are:

  • An artisan might want help on how to improve their skill in their particular art, like how to make their embroidery stitches more consistent.
  • An artisan may have reached a point in their research or project where they are stuck, and would like some advice on how to proceed with the next steps.
  • It’s also okay to just show off your project, and be proud of your creation! Everyone loves to talk about their passion, and it’s likely that the artisan and the Laurel spend the whole session geeking out over the subject matter.


To promote the Arts and Sciences by providing a less rigid and less stressful environment for the artisan to present their project. To provide artisans with an opportunity to have face-to-face time with a member of the Order of the Laurel in which to discuss their project. To allow artisans to geek out about their projects with a member of the Order of the Laurel. To foster goodwill and break barriers between artisans of the Kingdom and members of the Order of the Laurel.


Open to all artisans of all skill levels. No time limits on when a project has been started and/or completed.


Entrants are expected to have a fully realized project. This is not a brainstorming session to determine what type of project to begin or a working session to kick-start a project barely begun. The project need not be 100% completed, however it should be at a stage where Laurels can see the entrants skill level and offer suggestions to improve the project in some actionable fashion.


Bids for the TOA can be for a stand-alone event (where the TOA is the primary activity) OR the TOA can be attached to an already established event. An ideal site will have: Space to accommodate at least 150 people. Five to seven classrooms, or larger rooms that can be divided into different areas. Tables and chairs are preferred, but if desks are the only option, adult sized desks are a must. Alcohol permissible on site for brewing/vinting entries, or staff should be able to provide an offsite location and a transportation plan. Access to electrical outlets. Access to WiFi is a great benefit but not a must. Space for other activities is optional, but desirable as other activities (rattan combat, rapier, archery, etc.) can bring in additional people who would want to attend the event.


There should be a conversation between the entrant and the Laurel. The goal is connection and the sharing of knowledge, not grilling the entrant on his or her resources and/or overly critical judgment of the finished piece. The TOA is designed to be a supportive and aspiring experience—one in which the entrant gains useful knowledge and insight into their project and the Laurel gains greater insight and connection with members of the Kingdom’s artistic community.


Pre-event Logistics

  • The TOA will be held at an event designated by Their Royal Majesties.
  • Before the event an online form will be launched for both entrants and Laurels to sign up. This will help the TOA coordinator and event steward properly prepare.
  • Entrants will need to indicate what their project is when they sign up so that they can be paired with a Laurel who can best consult with them.
  • Prior to the event, the TOA Coordinator will assist the Laurels in signing up to consult on projects of their choice.
  • Entrants will be given a specified amount of space that their project must fit into.
  • Special consideration will be made per category (a performance piece will need more space than a piece of embroidery, for example).
  • Whenever possible, Laurels will be assigned to specific divisions to ensure that each division has an equal number of Laurels and that no single division is underrepresented.

Day of Logistics

Each A&S division will be hosted in its own classroom or area if possible. The number of rooms/areas will depend on the site layout and number of registered entries.

  • Entrants will arrive on site and be directed to the correct division room or area.
  • A short meeting with the Laurels should occur before the TOA begins. Each Laurel will be directed to spend a finite amount of time with each entrant, ideally between 30 and 60 minutes. A division coordinator will be present in each room to call the time and remind Laurels to move to the next entrant.
  • Entrants are expected to sit with their projects. While they are waiting for a Laurel, they are encouraged to “talk shop” with their fellow artisans.
  • Certain projects will require special considerations. For example, performance pieces will be done for all relevant Laurels at once, so the entrant need not repeat their performance numerous times; cooking entrants will serve a hot dish to all relevant Laurels at once; etc. These and other special considerations (like alcoholic entries) will be accommodated to the best of the TOA coordinator’s ability.
  • Absentee entrants are not permitted. The entire goal is to encourage face-to-face connections between the Laurels and the artisans of the Kingdom.
  • If all entrants have spoken with all Laurels in a particular division, then the room can be considered to be “open shop time” where Laurels and artisans can mingle, connect and interact as they wish. Entrants are encouraged to use this time to talk about future projects, “talk shop” in general, and otherwise take advantage of the cumulative knowledge in the room.
  • It is suggested that TRM hold a Laurel meeting directly after the division rooms close so that a robust discussion could be had about entrants.

FAQ For the Artisan

Q: What do I need to do to participate in the TOA?
A: You need a project that you want to share, get help with, or talk about. Watch for the announcement of the event that will host the TOA. Make sure you sign up ahead of time.

Q: What kind of project should I bring?
A: Any period project allowed by the site is welcome!

Q: I’m new at my art. Can I participate anyway?
A: Absolutely! All skill levels are welcome at the TOA.

Q: Do I need to sign up?
A: Yes, sign up is required.

Q: Do I need to have an A&S award or be invited to participate?
A: Not at all! Anyone, and everyone, is welcome at the TOA.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Bring your project and any research or paperwork you’d like to share to the event. Please note that research and documentation is totally OPTIONAL!

Q: Will I be given a specific time, like a class?
A: Yes, times of each session will be posted prior to the event. Below is a sample TOA schedule, which may change from event to event based on Their Majesties’ meetings and court times:
9:00-10:00 am - Participant sign in/set up
10:00 am - Projects open for Laurel sign-up
10:30 am - Laurel/participants meeting
11:00-11:45 am - Session #1
12:00-1:00 pm - Lunch
1:00-1:45 pm - Session #2
2:00-2:45 pm - Session #3

Q: Does my project have to be completed before the event?
A: While you can bring in a completed project, it’s totally acceptable to bring a project that is partially completed or is considered to be “in progress”.

Q: Do I need documentation, handouts, or any other information?
A: ZERO paperwork is required! However, the Laurel that you get paired with may have questions about your project, so you will probably want to be able to tell them about what you are doing.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Contact the Event A&S Coordinator or Countess Serena at serenasbugs{at}

FAQ for Laurels

Q: Do I need to sign up to be a consulting Laurel at the TOA?
A: Yes, please sign up with the TOA coordinator prior to the event so that as many projects as possible can be paired with consulting Laurels. However, if you show up to the TOA without signing up and want to participate, please find the TOA area and you’ll be given directions on how to find artisans to consult with.

Q: What if I show up at the event last minute? Can I still consult with an artisan?
A: YES! There are almost always empty slots available for walk-in Laurels, although signing up in advance is preferred.

FAQ for Event A&S staff

Q: I want my event to host a TOA. What do I need to do?
A: The TOA Coordinator will put out a call for bids for each set of sitting Royalty. Please see the section above, “Requirements for the hosting event/site,” when considering putting together a bid.

Q: Do I need to ask permission or sign up to host a TOA?
A: YES. The event that will host theTOA will be selected and approved by Their Royal Majesties and will be organized by the TOA Coordinator. Please see the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister web page to contact the TOA Coordinator.

Q: Do artisans need to sign up for the TOA?
A: Yes, artisans must sign up ahead of time with the TOA Coordinator so that each artisan can be paired with Laurels prior to the event.

Q: Where should the TOA be located ?
A: Ideally each A&S Division will have its own room or area at the event. However the TOA can work in one large room if need be.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Contact the TOA Coordinator, Countess Serena at serenasbugs{at}

History of this activity

The Tournament of Arts (TOA) is an Arts and Sciences activity based off of the Middle Kingdom Tournament of Chivalry, which concentrates on armored combatants getting one-on-one combat time with the members of the chivalry. The idea was first proposed by Countess Serena Kimbalwyke to Their Royal Majesties of The Middle Kingdom Cellach and Vukasin in AS 52 (96th Reign of the Middle Kingdom). The first event to host this activity was Kingdom 12th Night in Pentamere in January 2018.

of Arts Information and Mission Statement March 2022 by Countess Serena Kimbalwyke

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