Brynniulfr Herleifsson

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Marshaling is Serious Business, even while hunting eggs
Resides:Shire of Greyhope
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Quarterly sable and vert, a bear’s head erased and a bordure argent, and as an augmentation in base a quill argent enflamed proper

Brynn (never "Brynniulfr" unless he's in trouble) is active with the Shire of Greyhope, Constellation region (Indiana).



11th century Icelandic persona, who went to Byzantium to fight with the Varangian Guard. Per the laws back home, he had to "retire" and return in order to inherit, after which he became a craftsman/merchant.

Offices & Positions

Officership Time
Constellation MoAS July 2017 to Present
Greyhope Seneschal February 2016 to Present
Constellation Herald October 2012 to September 2017
Greyhope Pursuivant December 2009 to September 2012
Escutcheon Herald August 2010 to December 2011
Archery Marshal May 2013 to Present
Deputy Constellation MoAS April 2017 to July 2017
Greyhope Pursuivant December 2009 to September 2012
Feast Steward Chaos Caravan 2010
Feast Steward Youth Fighting Symposium, 2010
Event Steward Chaos Caravan 2011
Merchant Coordinator Spring Crown/A&S, 2013
Merchant Coordinator A Day of Archery, 2013
Event Steward Fall Crown, 2014
K.Cpf/L Prz Tourney Coord Fall RUM, 2014, Wurmwald
Archery MiC Fall Coronation 2016
Archery MiC Grand Pageant 2017


Brynn is a member of House Fox Rose and friend of House Shadowdragon. He also belongs to House Owl Tower through his Laurel, and the service household Hus Gyldenbrocc. He can also be found at House Yew Bend's displays. He is a protege to Mistress Elena de Vexin, an apprentice to Mistress Kirstin Thorsteinsdottir, and a student of Forester Genrose d'Glendalough's.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Primarily stained glass work, but also lampworking, glassblowing, and blacksmithing. He will try any art once and has been known to occasionally make scrolls, cordials, cider, sew garb, etc. He is a new archer and AMiT.

Awards [1]]

Award Given
Award of Arms Simple Day, July 24, 2010
Award of the Purple Fret 3 Saints/Road Constantinople, April 27 ,2013
Order of the Willow (Stained glass) Better War Through Archery, March 2014
Royal Aug. of Arms - A Quill argent, enflamed proper Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense, 9/13/14
Order, Silver Oak (Stained Glass) St. Nicholas Toys for Tots, 12/6/14
Order of the Dragon's Heart Spring Coronation, 5/2/15
Order of the Evergreen 3 Saints/Investiture, 4/23/16

Classes Taught

Class Taught
Basic Blazons and Devices Greyhope Academy, 2010
Glass Ornament Blowing Greyhope Academy, 12/1/10
[Co-]The Submissions Process MK Heraldic Symposium, 2010
[Asst.] Basic Lampworked Beads Fall RUM, 2012
Glass Ornament Blowing St. Nicholas' Toys for Tots, 11/17/12
Intro to Period S.G. Techniques Pennsic 42
[Asst.] Dots, Dots, Dots Pennsic 42
[Asst.] Glass Molds Pennsic 42
GUDFR LQYLFWXV! Codes... Swine and Roses, August 17, 2013
Glass Ornament Blowing St. Nicholas' Toys for Tots 2013
Stained Glass Ornament Day 12/15/2013
GUDFR LQYLFWXV! Codes... Pennsic 43
A History of Silver Stain/Stn Gls Pennsic 43
Glass Art Design Considerations Pennsic 43
Period Stained Glass Basics Pennsic 43
[Co-] Glass Cutting Basics Pennsic 43 (Peace and War)
Glass Ornament Blowing Rendezvous at the Bridge
Period Stained Glass Basics Fall RUM, 2014
GUDFR LQYLFWXV! Codes Fall RUM, 2014
Period Stained Glass Basics Kingdom 12th Night (TGS), 2015
GUDFR LQYLFWXV! Codes Kingdom 12th Night (TGS), 2015
Guilds in Period Maidens (2015)
Basic Stained Glass Cutting Pennsic 44 (2015) Peace Week w/Molly Sotherden
Basic Stained Glass Cutting Pennsic 44 (2015) War Week, w/ Molly Sotherden
Stained Glass CC Cutting Pennsic 44, w/ Molly Sotherden & Irene P.
Stained Glass CC Assembly Pennsic 44, w/ Molly Sotherden & Irene P.
Basic Period Stained Glass Pennsic 44
Advanced Period Stained Glass Pennsic 44
GUDFR LQYLFWXV! Codes Pennsic 44
UnorthoDOCS Pots and Pens 1, 10/22/16
Making a (more) Period Quiver Pots and Pens 1, 10/22/16
UnorthoDOCS Maidens 2017
Ocarinas! Maidens 2017
Sheet-to-Shiny All Day Pennsic 46 (with Molly Sotherden)
Glass Cutting 101 Pennsic 46 (with Molly Sotherden)
Glass and Gold: Verre Eglomise Pennsic 46
Micromosaic Jewelry Pennsic 46
Period Stained Glass (Basic&Adv) Pennsic 46
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