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A Listing of the lineage of the Barons/Baronesses of Andelcrag, their investiture date, step down date and who invested them, in what reign.

Order Baron(ess) Baron(ess) Began Ended Invested by
1 Algorik of Valkarth Reigned alone October 4, 1975 February 1990 King Rolac and Queen Lindanlorien in the 11th Reign of the Middle Kingdom
2 Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg, called "Fum" Reigned alone February 1990 September 1996 King Tadashi II and Queen Ariake in the 40th Reign of the Middle Kingdom
3 Benedict of Beverly Emma de Winter September 1996 September 2000 King Edmund and Queen Kateryn in the 53rd Reign of the Middle Kingdom
4 Thorfinn Grimkelsson Brighid ni Caernaigh September 2000 February 2005 King King and Queen Queen in the Reign
5 Garth of the Crags Kassia Gildea February 2005 February 2010 King Brannos II and Queen Rebekah II in the 70th Reign of the Middle Kingdom
6 Logan Na'Sealgaith Zaynab Yasmine February 2010 February 2014 King Dag VI and Queen AnneMarie II in the 80th Reign of the Middle Kingdom
7 Antonia Lavinia Maria Toscano Collette de Valois February 2014 February 2018 King Cellach and Queen Vukasin in the 88th Reign of the Middle Kingdom
8 Raymond d'Anjou Hauviette d'Anjou February 2018 Current King Cellach II and Queen Vukasin II in the 96th Reign of the Middle Kingdom
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