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Status:Current Member
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Argent, a paternoster purpure tasseled Or and on a chief dovetailed purpure three escallops argent.



Elizabethe Alles is the daughter of a successful London merchant who specialized in religious goods. A devout Catholic, Elizabethe has followed the religious turmoil in her homeland with dismay and trepidation. A paternosterer and jewelry merchant in her own right, she is well-traveled and knowledgeable about the wider world from accompanying her merchant parents on their journeys. She also enjoys music, puppetry, toy-making, and all forms of merry-making. She frequently dons the garb of other periods and lands.

Offices & Positions

Minister of Youth

  • Dean of Midrealm Page School, October 2020-present
  • Special Projects Deputy to Kingdom MOY, January 2019-October 2020
  • First Deputy to Kingdom MOY, September 2016-January 2019
  • Middle Kingdom, September 2011-October 2014
  • Oaken Region, January 2007-September 2011
  • Marche of the Unicorn, April 2004-December 2006

Youth Activities Coordinator, Middle Kingdom 50th Anniversary Celebration, 2019

Largesse coordinator for William & Isolde's reign, 2017

History Display Coordinator, SCA 50 Year Celebration, 2016

Coordinator food and refreshments for Pennsic A&S display artisans, 2014

Co-Coordinator, Midrealm Day at Pennsic Youth Point, 2011-2014

Coordinator, Paternoster Day, Pennsic Artisans Row, 2010-2013

Coordinator, Cleftlands Noblesse Largesse swap, 2012 & 2013

Historian, Barony of Flaming Gryphon, August 2008-March 2009

Minister of Arts & Sciences, Marche of the Unicorn, April 2005-May 2007


Pelican Lineage

Elizabethe was a protege to Master Philip the Pilgrim

She has the following current proteges:

Laurel Lineage

Elizabethe was an apprentice to Mistress Zsof.

She has the current apprentices:

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Classes taught

Paternoster classes

  • Beyond the Bedes: Paternoster Gauds and Terminals
  • Bidding the Bedes: An Introduction to Paternosters
  • Paternosters: The Evidence
  • Prayer Beads in England/English Rosaries and Paternosters
  • Skully Bits: Skulls and Skeletons in Prayer Beads
  • Paternosters: A Visual History of Period Prayer

History classes

  • Child’s Play
  • Dolls in SCA Period
  • The English Reformation
  • Medieval Active Games

Jewelry classes

  • Basic Beading
  • Beaded Coral Jewelry in the Renaissance
  • Cold Gemstone Setting
  • An Elizabethan Necklace
  • History of Beaded Jewelry
  • Introduction to Renaissance Jewelry
  • Making a 14th Century Wire Brooch
  • Making an Italian Renaissance Scaletta
  • Making Fibulae
  • Making Reasonably Period Looking Renaissance Pearl Drop Earrings
  • Making Rus Temple Rings
  • Ooo! Shiny! Period Jewelry You can Make Yourself /Creating Inexpensive Jewelry
  • Rings on their Fingers: Making Wire Rings
  • Roman Bead and Wire Jewelry
  • Roman Earrings
  • Superstitions about Gemstones
  • Thrifting for SCA Jewelry

Other hands-on classes

  • Beaded Flowers

SCA Life classes

  • How to Be an Effective Minister of Youth
  • Introduction to Midrealm Page School
  • One Event to Amuse them All: Making the SCA Fun for Families
  • Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers
  • Researching the rare, unusual, or taboo
  • Running Youth Activities in the Midrealm
  • SCA Youth Activities and You
  • Share the Love: Tokens of Appreciation
  • Taking a Belt from a Peer

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