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Dates:Jul 24 to Aug 9, 2009
War Points:East 13, Middle 8
Who won?: East
King and Queen: EikBrandr and Runa E
Prince and Princess: Dag VI and AnneMarie II
Mayor: Illiame Uaine

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Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Lamorak of Dunsinane 07-Aug-2009 Silver Oak
  • Middle Marches, Barony of 07-Aug-2009 Dragon's Teeth
  • Cadogan Blaydes 06-Aug-2009 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Jean Paul Pierrepont 06-Aug-2009 Pelican
  • Isgerdr Gulkarr 06-Aug-2009 Pelican
  • Francesca de Onorati 06-Aug-2009 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Amanita Villarosa 06-Aug-2009 Dragon's Heart
  • Nial the Wanderer of Bork 06-Aug-2009 Dragon's Heart
  • Neko Me 06-Aug-2009 Dragon's Heart
  • Sabah Al-Rashid 06-Aug-2009 Gold Mace
  • Adam MacAoidh 06-Aug-2009 Bronze Ring
  • Anthoinette de Martel 06-Aug-2009 Evergreen
  • Tessa of Wight 06-Aug-2009 Evergreen
  • Eginolf Von Basel 06-Aug-2009 Willow
  • Greta Thorfinsdottir 06-Aug-2009 Willow
  • Maria Leonora de Luna 06-Aug-2009 Willow
  • Cecilia Della Rosa 06-Aug-2009 Purple Fret
  • Cordelia Giles 06-Aug-2009 Purple Fret
  • Gisla Volva Hrefnudottir 06-Aug-2009 Purple Fret
  • Leoric von Eisenberg 06-Aug-2009 Purple Fret
  • Diomedes Sebastianus 06-Aug-2009 Dragon's Tooth
  • Androu mac Lachlainn 06-Aug-2009 Cavendish Knot
  • Sica di Collepiatro 06-Aug-2009 Award of Arms
  • Mirium al-Aminiah 06-Aug-2009 Award of Arms
  • Ullr's run team 06-Aug-2009 Dragon's Teeth
  • Brendoken Blades 06-Aug-2009 Dragon's Teeth
  • Catriona nicHugh McClaey 06-Aug-2009 Sapphire
  • Areyton Brewers Guild 06-Aug-2009 Purple Fretty
  • Jadwiga Wlodsizlawska 04-Aug-2009 Willow
  • Kollin Rhos 04-Aug-2009 Red Company
  • Seamus MacBain 04-Aug-2009 Award of Arms
  • Leif Haakonson 04-Aug-2009 Royal Augmentation of Arms
  • Astrid of the Yellow Rose 04-Aug-2009 Royal Augmentation of Arms
  • Nicholas of Windsreach 03-Aug-2009 Dragon's Heart
  • Gustov of Darkmoon 03-Aug-2009 Greenwood Company
  • Dirk Edward of Frisia 03-Aug-2009 Doe's Grace
  • Jasper of the Lakes 02-Aug-2009 Chivalry -- Knight

Champions Teams





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