Pennsic XXXIV

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Site token
Dates:Aug 6 - 21, 2005
War Points:Middle 26, East 1
Who won?: Midrealm
King and Queen: Alaric and Noelle
Prince and Princess: Edmund IV and Kateryn IV
Mayor: Melchor Decimas Stoneteeth

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Notable Happenings

Midrealm Royal had a gate created for the war which featured stained glass windows by Lady Alexandra la Noire (Later Runa Eikbrandrskonna) The towers were hexagonal and had ladders so that people could climb to the top of each one. Crispin dela Rochefoucauld fashioned the doors and Silverthorn made the wrought iron hinges and handle.

King Alaric lead all of his knights up the hill to shoot the archery war point; his archery champion Edward Brackenburye lead the way playing the bagpipes.

Court List

  • Gerhard of Darkmoon 19-Aug-2005 Gold Mace
  • Crispin dela Rochefoucauld 19-Aug-2005 Red Company
  • Artair Mac Neacail 19-Aug-2005 Dragon's Tooth
  • Alan Fairfax 18-Aug-2005 Laurel
  • Seadna O'Bainainn 18-Aug-2005 Pelican
  • Sir Caveron Odell 18-Aug-2005 Pelican
  • Nigel Fitzmaurice of Caeranor 18-Aug-2005 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Stephen von Lübeck 18-Aug-2005 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Elayne Thorne 18-Aug-2005 Dragon's Heart
  • Elkridge Archery 18-Aug-2005 Dragon's Heart
  • Aduke Ayoka Opo 18-Aug-2005 Dragon's Heart
  • Sarafina Sinclair 18-Aug-2005 Dragon's Heart
  • Etienne le Couteau des Roches 18-Aug-2005 Dragon's Heart
  • Zuriel Aurelius Nightshade 18-Aug-2005 Greenwood Company
  • Cydrych Clutorix 18-Aug-2005 Gold Mace
  • Medb ni Ciaran MacMurchadha 18-Aug-2005 Willow
  • Eikbrandr Solgyafi 18-Aug-2005 Silver Oak
  • Adele Desfontaines 18-Aug-2005 Purple Fret
  • Avelina Clarice 18-Aug-2005 Purple Fret
  • Docmo Kincain 18-Aug-2005 Purple Fret
  • Isabella Grey 18-Aug-2005 Purple Fret
  • Gazelle de Limousin 18-Aug-2005 Purple Fret
  • Milesent Vibert 18-Aug-2005 Kings Chalice
  • Erevon FitzGerald 18-Aug-2005 Dragon's Barb
  • Louis Xavier de Navarre 18-Aug-2005 Dragon's Barb
  • Eanor of Amberhall 18-Aug-2005 Red Company
  • Christoph du Duerre 18-Aug-2005 Award of Arms
  • Beth Stewart 18-Aug-2005 Award of Arms
  • Leanne Stewart 18-Aug-2005 Award of Arms
  • Ceolwyn the Green 18-Aug-2005 Award of Arms
  • Franz der Schmidt 18-Aug-2005 Award of Arms
  • Helena the Fair of Ravenglass 18-Aug-2005 Award of Arms
  • Thomas de Keth 18-Aug-2005 Dragon's Treasure
  • House Bork 18-Aug-2005 Purple Fretty
  • Loriage Blackheart 17-Aug-2005 Purple Fret
  • Kharmin Klayote 17-Aug-2005 Purple Fret
  • Anastasia Korosec 17-Aug-2005 Dragon's Tooth
  • Bandierthe 17-Aug-2005 Award of Arms
  • Kasia Duran 17-Aug-2005 Award of Arms
  • Johan Bez Spoudnia 17-Aug-2005 Award of Arms
  • Ian the Little 17-Aug-2005 Dragon's Treasure
  • Siege Weapon's Crew of the Great Dark Horde 17-Aug-2005 Dragon's Teeth

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