Pennsic XXXIII

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Dates:August 7th to 22nd, 2004
War Points:27 (17 East, 10 Middle)
Who won?: East
King and Queen: Felix I and Madeleina I
Prince and Princess: Brannos II and Rebekah II
Mayor: Edward Zifran of Gendy

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Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Judy Brezel 20-Aug-2004 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Catherine Oakley 19-Aug-2004 Laurel
  • Finn Herjolfsson 19-Aug-2004 Pelican
  • Nicholaa Halden, OP 19-Aug-2004 Pelican
  • Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza 19-Aug-2004 Laurel
  • Garth of the Crags 19-Aug-2004 Pelican
  • Hacmin ben Yosef 19-Aug-2004 Dragon's Heart
  • Milica of Varna 19-Aug-2004 Dragon's Heart
  • Samira umm Al Harith 19-Aug-2004 Evergreen
  • Rannulf d'Aubraye 19-Aug-2004 Evergreen
  • Llen Crede 19-Aug-2004 Bronze Ring
  • Ariana of Leonthas 19-Aug-2004 Willow
  • Edyth Miller 19-Aug-2004 Willow
  • Isabetta Pomati 19-Aug-2004 Willow
  • Tristan von Eisig 19-Aug-2004 Willow
  • Alzbeta Michalik 19-Aug-2004 Purple Fret
  • Raella de Courtenay 19-Aug-2004 Purple Fret
  • Sybella of Dragonsmark 19-Aug-2004 Purple Fret
  • Wilhelm Michalik 19-Aug-2004 Purple Fret
  • Gintaras the Tauras 19-Aug-2004 Purple Fret
  • Odo von Atzinger 19-Aug-2004 Doe's Grace
  • Sorcha MacGillavrey 19-Aug-2004 Cavendish Knot
  • Teffan Koerwent 19-Aug-2004 Cavendish Knot
  • Cirion the Lefthanded 19-Aug-2004 Dragon's Barb
  • Mei Li 19-Aug-2004 Dragon's Tooth
  • Shimazu Mitsunaga 19-Aug-2004 Red Company
  • John Inchingham 19-Aug-2004 Dragon's Tooth
  • Tuge Guhanan 19-Aug-2004 Dragon's Tooth
  • Devin Breighallach 19-Aug-2004 Dragon's Tooth
  • Sabah Al-Rashid 19-Aug-2004 Dragon's Tooth
  • Perceval MacGower 19-Aug-2004 Dragon's Tooth
  • William Donovan 19-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Debforgail McKraken 19-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Gunnolf Muir 19-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Seamus Greenfletcher 19-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Svelta Loche 19-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Amanda Marie 19-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Caius Mac An Bhaird 19-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Mathaeus Blades 19-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Spalding Abbey Philatelic Society 19-Aug-2004 Purple Fretty
  • William of Starleaf Gate 19-Aug-2004 Baton
  • Drakeclaw Scriptorium 19-Aug-2004 Purple Fretty
  • Cleftland Scriptoriums 19-Aug-2004 Purple Fretty
  • Iron Wolf, House 19-Aug-2004 Dragon's Teeth
  • Darkmoon, House 19-Aug-2004 Royal Augmentation of Arms
  • Vargahus 19-Aug-2004 Grove
  • Rodrigo de Montoya 18-Aug-2004 Bronze Ring
  • Neko Me 18-Aug-2004 Bronze Ring
  • Reginald de Argoogle 18-Aug-2004 Bronze Ring
  • Adler Von Metzger 17-Aug-2004 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Tyrkir of Olvik 17-Aug-2004 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Redwald of Fremont 17-Aug-2004 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Rodrigo Vargas de Leon 17-Aug-2004 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Tristan von Rotwiller 17-Aug-2004 Dragon's Tooth
  • Ceddwynn (of Casel Rouge) 07-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Jehan Bachelor 07-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Christiana Silverton 07-Aug-2004 Award of Arms
  • Charlene of Midewinde 07-Aug-2004 Award of Arms

Champions Teams





My First Pennsic

Sorcha Fraser

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