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The Regional Herald for the administrative Region of Midlands which is the state of Illinois and a nip of Eastern Iowa (Scott County, IA).

The Current Lincoln Herald is Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen.

The Midlands Region includes the following groups

  1. Barony of Ayreton
    1. Canton of Grey Gargoyles
    2. Canton of Foxvale
    3. Canton of Tree-Girt-Sea
    4. Canton of Vanished Wood
    5. Canton of Rokkehealden
  2. Barony of Carraig Ban
  3. Barony of Illiton
    1. Canton of Lochmorrow
  4. Barony of Shattered Crystal


  1. Shire of Baile na Scolairi
  2. Shire of Blackhawk
  3. Shire of Dark River
  4. Shire of Far Reaches
  5. Shire of Ravenslake
  6. Shire of Rúnviðarstaðr
  7. Shire of Swordcliff
  8. Shire of Caer Gwyn
    1. Shire of Wurm Wald - Dissolved and merged with Saint Carol on the Moor to create the Shire of Caer Gwyn
    2. College of Saint Carol on the Moor - Dissolved and merged with Wurm Wald to create the Shire of Caer Gwyn
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