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The SCA was founded May 1, 1966. Years date from that point, May 1st of each year beginning a new year.

The years of the Society are 'Anno Societatis' and are commonly referred to with Roman numerals.

There are two sets of monarchs for each year in the MidRealm, since Coronations are held each May and October. (Cariadoc and Diana originally reigned for a full year, during the latter half of which they had a Crown Prince and Crown Princess.) The Middle Kingdom was founded in A.S. IV.

A.D. A.S. Important Event

1966-67 I First Tournament; Kingdom of the West; first Knight; "SCA" coined; first King

1967-68 II Orders of Chivalry, Laurel; first Duke

1968-69 III SCA, Inc.; East Kingdom; first Barons, Grants, Awards

1969-70 IV Middle Kingdom

1970-71 V Kingdom of Atenveldt

1971-72 VI First Pennsic War

1972-73 VII Order of Pelican

1973-74 VIII First Duchesses, Counts, Countesses

1974-75 IX First Viscounts, Viscountesses

1975-76 X Decennial of the SCA in Three Hills, Middle Kingdom

1976-77 XI

1977-78 XII Kingdom of Meridies

1978-79 XIII Kingdom of Caid

1979-80 XIV Kingdom of Ansteorra

1980-81 XV Kingdom of Atlantia

1981-82 XVI Kingdom of An Tir

1982-83 XVII

1983-84 XVIII Kingdom of Calontir

1984-85 XIX

1985-86 XX Kingdom of Trimaris; 20 Yr. Celebration of SCA in Ansteorra

1986-87 XXI Kingdom of Outlands

1987-88 XXII

1988-89 XXIII

1989-90 XXIV

1990-91 XXV 25 Yr. Celebration of SCA in Ansteorra

1991-92 XXVI

1992-93 XXVII

1993-94 XXVIII Kingdom of Drachenwald

1994-95 XXIX BoD Controversy; Estrella Treaty

1995-96 XXX 30 Yr. Celebration of SCA in An Tir

1996-97 XXXI

1997-98 XXXII Kingdom of Artemisia; Kingdom of Æthelmearc

1998-99 XXXIII Kingdom of Ealdormere

1999-00 XXXIV

2000-01 XXXV

2001-02 XXXVI

2002-03 XXXVII Kingdom of Lochac

2003-04 XXXVIII

2004-05 XXXIX Kingdom of Northshield

2005-06 XL

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