101st Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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The Year of the Great Plague

King: Felix III

Queen: Madeleina III

Crown Tournament: October 19, 2019

Coronation: May 2, 2020 done in the ætherial space (virtually)

Notable events: For Felix and Madeleina's third reign they chose a Turkish theme. This was the Year of the Great Plague. In honor of Her Majesty, the beautiful and gracious Madeleina, did His Majesty declare a pilgrimage to Istanbul. Due to the global Pandemic, in person events were cancelled after April 2020 (The last event held in person was Midlands Regional A&S?) This was the first Midrealm Reign to take place mostly on-line. Not being able to hold Crown Tournament on schedule due to these restrictions: by the time they stepped down (September, 25th, 2021), Their Graces will have served the longest Reign in Midrealm history at 16 months.


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