101st Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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The Year of the Great Plague

King: Felix III

Queen: Madeleina III

Crown Tournament: October 19, 2019

Coronation: May 2, 2020 done in the ætherial space (virtually)

Notable events: For Felix and Madeleina's third reign they chose a Turkish theme. This was the Year of the Great Plague. In honor of Her Majesty, the beautiful and gracious Madeleina, did His Majesty declare a pilgrimage to Istanbul. Due to the global Pandemic, in person events were cancelled after April 2020 (The last event held in person was?) This was the first Midrealm Reign to take place mostly on-line. Not being able to hold Crown Tournament on schedule due to these restrictions: by the time they stepped down (September, 25th, 2021), Their Graces will have served the longest Reign in Midrealm history at 16 months.


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