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When most of us stop and think about the middle ages, inevitably a horse will appear; whether drawing a carriage or with a jousting knight upon their back there is no doubt to the importance of the equestrian arts to medieval reenactment.

There are several equestrian activities for those interested to participate in within the Middle Kingdom; all under the guidance of marshals to ensure the safety of both two and four legged participants.

Middle Kingdom Equestrian events may include:

  • Jousting as a combatant sport was approved in the SCA in 2005, and is growing in popularity. The SCA approved rules for jousting using cardboard tubes with styrofoam tips, attached to a wooden base. Testing in the Middle Kingdom had started in 2004, and in late 2005, rules were adopted, and jousting began in the Middle Kingdom.
  • tourney, using non combat drills and games.
  • There are also approved activity for Thrown Weapons, Archery, and Mounted Combat.
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