Pennsic XXIX

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Dates:August 5th to 20th, 2000
War Points:Middle 3, East 10
Who won?: East
King and Queen: Dag IV and Elayna II
Prince and Princess: Edmund III and Kateryn III
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Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Malcolm Drum 18-Aug-2000 Pelican
  • Renaude de Lunay 18-Aug-2000 Red Company
  • Pieter van Doorn 18-Aug-2000 Kingdom Augmentation of Arms
  • Myles Blackheath 17-Aug-2000 Pelican
  • Jean Paul Pierrepont 17-Aug-2000 Laurel
  • Alaric le Fevre 17-Aug-2000 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Robert of Griffinholme 17-Aug-2000 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Ciara McRobbie 17-Aug-2000 Dragon's Heart
  • Iustinos Tekton 17-Aug-2000 Dragon's Heart
  • Lornia of Midhurst 17-Aug-2000 Dragon's Heart
  • Midair MacCormaic 17-Aug-2000 Dragon's Heart
  • Padraigin O hEachach 17-Aug-2000 Dragon's Heart
  • K├Żlan Vargr 17-Aug-2000 Gold Mace
  • Kristoff Fugger von Augsburg 17-Aug-2000 Bronze Ring
  • Alina of Foxwood 17-Aug-2000 Evergreen
  • Ellen of the Scholars 17-Aug-2000 Evergreen
  • Kieran Grey 17-Aug-2000 Evergreen
  • Llewellyn the Useful 17-Aug-2000 Evergreen
  • Anne Blackfeather 17-Aug-2000 Evergreen
  • Eric Edwardson 17-Aug-2000 Willow
  • Rosalyn MacGregor 17-Aug-2000 Willow
  • Uglubarthr 17-Aug-2000 Silver Oak
  • Brigh de Cossar 17-Aug-2000 Purple Fret
  • Julienne la Follette 17-Aug-2000 Purple Fret
  • Publius Aurelius Agrippa 17-Aug-2000 Purple Fret
  • Brise Sanguin 17-Aug-2000 Purple Fret
  • Cass of Altenberg 17-Aug-2000 Purple Fret
  • Phillipe de Pamiers 17-Aug-2000 Kings Chalice
  • Ulrich von Landstuhl 17-Aug-2000 Dragon's Barb
  • Colin MacNish 17-Aug-2000 Cavendish Knot
  • Gilcrest O' Faolain 17-Aug-2000 Red Company
  • Iain Ruadh McKinnon 17-Aug-2000 Red Company
  • Robert the Thunderous 17-Aug-2000 Red Company
  • Astrid the Herbwife 17-Aug-2000 Award of Arms
  • Wijdan of Cleftlands 17-Aug-2000 Award of Arms
  • Francesca d'Ambrogini 17-Aug-2000 Award of Arms
  • Gunter Feldahorn 17-Aug-2000 Award of Arms
  • Rafe von Nordevald 17-Aug-2000 Award of Arms
  • Sternfeld, Barony of 17-Aug-2000 Dragon's Flight
  • House Shadowclans 17-Aug-2000 Purple Fretty
  • Theophania of Falcoln's Keep 05-Aug-2000 Award of Arms

Champions Teams





My First Pennsic

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