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Dates:August 4th - 19th, 2001
Attendance:12,000 approx
War Points:Middle 1, East 8
Who won?: East
King and Queen: Bardolph and Brigh
Prince and Princess: Ragnvalder II and Arabella II
Mayor: (Autocrat) Finn Jarl Herjolfsson, Melchor Decimas Stoneteeth


Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Lucius Aurelius Valharic 17-Aug-2001 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Lars Wulfsblut 17-Aug-2001 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Dorothea van der Zee 16-Aug-2001 Pelican
  • Ian the Fariner of Dunkeld 16-Aug-2001 Grant of Arms
  • Richildis of Rydychen 16-Aug-2001 Willow
  • Kamiizumi Munenori Jirou 15-Aug-2001 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Johann Kinslayer of the Shadowclans 15-Aug-2001 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Eleanor Macbeth 15-Aug-2001 Dragon's Heart
  • Brise Sanguin 15-Aug-2001 Dragon's Heart
  • Brenon Egan 15-Aug-2001 Dragon's Heart
  • Cainnech Ruadh mac Guairi 15-Aug-2001 Evergreen
  • Antonia di Troina 15-Aug-2001 Evergreen
  • Iasmin de Cordoba 15-Aug-2001 Evergreen
  • Henry Best 15-Aug-2001 Evergreen
  • Guillermo Diego Andres Alcazar de Halcon 15-Aug-2001 Bronze Ring
  • Seanan o Daire 15-Aug-2001 Silver Oak
  • Richildas of Rydychen 15-Aug-2001 Willow
  • Sybella of Dragonsmark 15-Aug-2001 Willow
  • Isak Darkcraft the Merchant 15-Aug-2001 Willow
  • Paul the Simple of St. Carol on the Moor 15-Aug-2001 Willow
  • Gabrielle Le Chevreuil 15-Aug-2001 Purple Fret
  • Serena of the Haven 15-Aug-2001 Purple Fret
  • Kiyohara Yoshiki Nowakasa 15-Aug-2001 Purple Fret
  • Dearth Nom the Healer 15-Aug-2001 Purple Fret
  • John of Hróðgerisfjörðr 15-Aug-2001 Purple Fret
  • morgan de ath 15-Aug-2001 Purple Fret
  • Isgerdr Gulkarr 15-Aug-2001 Purple Fret
  • Thrain Ormsson 15-Aug-2001 Purple Fret
  • Tigernach mac Eoghain ua Aeda 15-Aug-2001 Purple Fret
  • Albyn Buckthorne 15-Aug-2001 Cavendish Knot
  • Lisa of Leatherwood 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Thokdar 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Tola in Harfagra 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Thorny Bodvarskona 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Quenild of Mercia 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Ingram of Keth 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Elayne von Koenigsburg 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Caoimhinn Ingin Airt 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Tatsukawa Sarumaru Chisato 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Celestria de Cranham 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Ceridwen of Vanished Wood 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Sophia d'Acre 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Brianna Duncan 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Avelina Jocelyn 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Seamus Cumhail 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Mariana del Rio 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Caelin of the Isles 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Bakhtiyar Al-Tiqtaqa 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Liora eishet Yehoshua 15-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Ze’ev ben Yehoshua 15-Aug-2001 Dragon's Treasure
  • Midlands Gate Construction Crew 15-Aug-2001 Purple Fretty
  • Teeg of the Mystic Dell 14-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Wulfgar der Strmboch 04-Aug-2001 Award of Arms
  • Ronait lla ceallaigh 04-Aug-2001 Award of Arms

Champions Teams





My First Pennsic

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