Pennsic XXVIII

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Dates:August 7th to 22nd, 1999
War Points:number of war points
Who won?: Midrealm East Allies No one
King and Queen: Ragnvalder and Arabella
Prince and Princess: Finn III and Tamara
Mayor: Trelogin Tavistok


Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Gerwulf of Darkmoon 21-Aug-1999 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Caterina de Burg 21-Aug-1999 Purple Fret
  • Corwin Grendel 21-Aug-1999 Purple Fret
  • Bran vo Lough Derg 21-Aug-1999 Purple Fret
  • Abiron von Metz 21-Aug-1999 Purple Fret
  • Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill 21-Aug-1999 Purple Fret
  • Lyneya ingen A'eda 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Liam the Pink Fuzzy Bunny Slayer 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Aonghus Mac Iomhair 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Mordrjus Sworddancer 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Aileen Kennedy 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Corum Fitzlyon 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Scott MacCoy 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Despina de la Brasov 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Sillet MacCollum 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Bodyoulf Gimalfsson 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Fionnghuala ingean Muireadhach 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Elanor Elgar 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Darion Andrew MacAoidgh 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Craig Throckmorton 21-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Heirusalem Crystoma 20-Aug-1999 Dragon's Heart
  • Darius Redthumbs 20-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Vespa of the Lost Keys 20-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Calum MacDhaibhidh 19-Aug-1999 Pelican
  • Anne Greye 19-Aug-1999 Laurel
  • Llewellyn ap Teirnon 19-Aug-1999 Laurel
  • Katharina von der Waldwiese 19-Aug-1999 Grant of Arms
  • Myles Blackheath 19-Aug-1999 Grant of Arms
  • Gwyneth Felton 19-Aug-1999 Grant of Arms
  • Charles Oakley 19-Aug-1999 Grant of Arms
  • Caitlin Stuart 19-Aug-1999 Grant of Arms
  • Wilhelm Schwartzkov 19-Aug-1999 Dragon's Tooth
  • Amra Shieldsplitter 19-Aug-1999 Dragon's Tooth
  • Lucius Aurelius Valharic 19-Aug-1999 Dragon's Tooth
  • Guenbrith Fitz Herbert 19-Aug-1999 Dragon's Tooth
  • Isgerdr Gulkarr 19-Aug-1999 Dragon's Tooth
  • Lost Boys, the 19-Aug-1999 Purple Fretty
  • Lillith Elaine of Greyhope 18-Aug-1999 Award of Arms
  • Ancel Fitz Charles 17-Aug-1999 Willow
  • Stefan Cauterhaugh 17-Aug-1999 Silver Oak
  • Etan ni Donncha 17-Aug-1999 Purple Fret
  • Rurik Longsword 13-Aug-1999 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Aaron Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep 13-Aug-1999 Purple Fret

Champions Teams





My First Pennsic

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