Hilla Stormbringer

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Status:Current Member
Preferred Title:The Honorable Lady, The Dubiously Honorable Lady
Resides:Shire of Ravenslake
Awards:Award of Arms
Purple Fret
Dragon's Heart
Doe's Grace
Royal Augmentation of Arms (Beacon) (A lyre within a crescent)

Azure, on a pale vert fimbriated between two lightning bolts palewise, an otter rampant argent, a bordure argent semy of musical notes azure.



Hilla is the eldest child and only daughter of Hama Ealdorman and his wife Leofrun. Though she is a capable enough cook and aid in household duties, and though she can darn a sock like no one's business, Hilla's true skill is as a Scop. She loves to sing and craft songs and tales, and tell old legends in the feasting hall. Storms follow her wherever she goes.

Offices & Positions

Seneschal of Ravenslake
Provost of Bardic Madness Midrealm

Honors & Awards

Kingdom Awards

Award of Arms awarded 04 November 2006
Willow awarded 30 May 2009
Evergreen awarded 08 July 2017
Purple Fret awarded 26 May 2018
Dragon's Heart awarded 20 March 2021
Royal Augmentation of Arms (Beacon) awarded 13 November 2021
Doe's Grace awarded 09 September 2023
Royal Augmentation of Arms (A lyre within a crescent) 23 September 2023

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Hilla Stormbringer can be seen (or at least heard) at events, singing, singing, singing, causing mischief and mayhem, and random telling of stories. She also plays the onion flute. Her other activities include baking, occasional illumination, and attempting to not bleed on embroidery.
She also hosts an online bardic circle every other Saturday which celebrated its 3rd anniversary in April 2023. She was the instigator-in-chief of the Ethereal Bardic Symposiums and the first Bardic Skirmishes. She was one of the event stewards for Bardic War.


Apprenticed to Master Cerian Cantwr
Protégé of esteemed storyteller Mistress Morgana bro Morganwg
Contrary to popular belief, Hilla cannot control the weather. (Disclaimer: Hilla cannot independently confirm the veracity of the last statement.)

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