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A Wassail is a end of year seasonal holiday party, typically held in late November or December. While it might be hosted in the format of a formal SCA event and posted on the Kingdom calendar, it is often a small local event and not advertised - although all are still welcome.

Wassail always includes a feast, usually potluck.

Origin of the Name

The name wassail comes from the Anglo Saxon greeting, "wes þú hál", literally "be thou hale/healthy". The Old English form of this is "wæs hál", giving us the name of the event.

Wassail is also the name of a traditional mulled beverage, and it is often served as part of the event.

Wassailing, or caroling, is also performed at some of the events.

It is common to use "Wassail!" as a cheer or toast during the event. The traditional response to this is "drink hál!" (drink hale!). Trouble-making Viking folk may choose to instead cheer, "skål", but should be shouted down during this day.

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