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Any gathering which happens after an event, meeting or other scheduled activity. Post-revels are most commonly informal parties held after an event and are usually not official or sanctioned activities. While some members may attend in period clothing, many post-revelers change into more-comfortable modern clothing. Post-revels may be held at a local member's house (especially if they are providing crash space to out-of-town guests). At larger kingdom-level or regional events, a post-revel might be scheduled at a hotel room near the event site. If one or more bards is in attendance, filk songs are practically guaranteed.

Post-revels have been known to go on late into the early-morning hours. Others are simply a quiet gathering at a local pizza shop or diner. (Denny's is a much-storied classic destination; the late-night wait staff are usually "lifers" who have seen everything the overnight shift can throw at them, and are totally unperturbed by folks in odd clothing.)

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