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When an event announcement mentions that the site is either dry or wet, they aren't referring to rivers, lakes or streams. This is a slang term for if the site allows alcoholic beverages or not.

  • Dry site-Does not allow alcohol at all.
  • Discreetly Damp- Wine, beer, and mead is permitted as long as containers are kept out of site.
  • Damp site- Wine, beer, and mead are permitted, but no hard liquor.
  • Discreetly Wet- There are no restriction on alcohol as long as containers are kept out of site.
  • Wet sites- There are no restrictions on alcohol. This term may also be used more particularly to indicate that the use of liquor is permitted.

“Discreetly” damp or wet means that the site is normally dry, but the owners will permit alcohol as long as the labeled containers are kept out of sight and are removed at the end of the event.

Of course, at any site, local, state, and country laws regarding alcohol consumption must be followed.

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