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Any charge for entrance into an event. Many events will have lower fees for people who pre-register ie: pay in advance of a certain date before the event. Some events offer a discount for minors, though this is not standard and is up to the individual group holding the event. If the event has a feast, there will typically be a separate charge for it as well.

Non-Member Surcharge

In recent years, the SCA, Inc. has established the "non-member surcharge," requiring non-members to pay an additional $5 above the normal member site fee. This policy was seen as a society-wide effort to increase membership.

It may appear to be the splitting of hairs, but some have found it important to stress that members do not receive a discount at the door, but rather non-members must pay a penalty. Thus, in 2016 the terminology was changed. The site fee is now the fee to non-members, with a member discount subtracted.

See also site token.

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