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Household Heraldry

Ballae Ban, the House of White Walls
Head of Household:Diglach McCein
Household Seat:Barony of Middle Marches


The great houses of Ireland are described as "noble keeps, with thatch that shone as gold, and walls like silver. The home of ladies of enduring grace, beauty and talent, and warriors of stark courage, honor and strength. The house was a place where all people, whether king or commoner would enjoy open-handed hospitality, be welcome and protected. Situated on a high hill at a crossroads of the kingdom, it stood both as a guardian to the kingdom and the land. These keeps were homes, true; but they also reflected the virtues, the hearts and minds and dreams of those who built them and dwelt within."

From this quote we take our name, Ballae Ban - the White Walls - for many of our beliefs are reflected in that passage, and those silver walls. Ballae Ban is a house with honor, courtesy, hospitality and chivalry at its cornerstones. We value skills of arts in equal measure to skill at arms, and service to the one as much as service to the many.

These beliefs are also reflected in our household device. The chalice represents hospitality and generosity. The three stars represent the virtues of courtesy, chivalry and charity.

Dear friend, while you visit here, sit by our fire, drink from our cup, and be welcome in our home.


Diglach McCein
Una Winifreed Berry
Marcus Pinarius Draconarius
Eilis the Stone
Haerulf Rifnabrok
Evja Haerulfskona
Luca Sogliano
Sarai Tindall Sogliano
Joan Della Torre
Roberto Jose Alfonso Cayetano de San Fernando Toledo Ruiz y Escalante
Artemisia di Torino
Katrina Klein
Ulrich von Landstuhl
Aeric Orvander
Keely the Tinker
Aurelia Brutii
Maggie O'Donnell
Acelin of the Wilds
Thorgrimr Thorgrimsson
Morgan d'Ath
Gareth the Ironhammer
Briana Morgan of the Valley

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