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Status:Current Member
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Resides:Barony of Middle Marches

Vair, a pair of flaunches Or, each bearing a trefoil Vert



Late 11th/Early 12th Century Hiberno Norse Good Wife for a busy household, though she does occasionally travel to the 14th Century.


Maggie O'Donnell started her SCA life in Trimaris in AS XXXI. She was a member of House Lyon's Pryde and House Renwick. She was often found assisting with kitchen clean up after feast and participating as ground crew for the Trimarian Cavalry. In AS XXXIV she relocated to the Shire of Mugmort within the Barony of Middle Marches where she stays busy with various tasks and artistic endeavors. She recently became an authorized equestrian. When not busy with her service oriented pursuits, she is reported to be living quietly among her fellow peaceful agrarian reformers enjoying the exploration of various domestic pursuits.

Positions and Offices Held

Middle Marches Baronial Signet 2001-2003

Middle Marches Baronial Signet 2003-2009

MOAS-Shire of Mugmort 2004-2006

Seneschal-Shire of Mugmort 2007-2009

Baronial Seneschal-Barony of Middle Marches 2013-2016

Chirurgeon at large 2013-2015

Autocrat for Agghh Snake: A St Patricks Day Festival - 2005

Served as liaison for out of town guests attending Fall Crown Tournament hosted by Barony of the Middle Marches October 2007

Chirurgeon at Large Middle Kingdom 2013

Volunteer Coordinator Red Dragon 2014,2015

Assisted with Feast Mugmort Melees 2015, 2019

Royal Retainer for multiple reigns

Social Media Coordinator -Red Dragon 2016

Web Deputy for Kingdom Seneschal webpage 2017-2019

Pennsic Book Proofreader Pennsic XLV.- 2016

Water 2- Pennsic XLVI - 2017

Water 1- Pennsic XLVII - 2018

Water 1- Pennsic XLVIII - 2019

North Oaken Regional Seneschal - July 2018 to October 2019


Protege to Mistress Una Wynifreed Berry, OP

Founding Member House Effervo

Member House Lyon's Pride (Meridies,Trimaris,Outlands and Midrealm)

Member House Ballae Ban

Hordesman- Great Dark Horde

Interests and SCA-related Hobbies

SCA Administration/Bureaucracy

Illlumination/Period Pigments


Medieval Irish History

Norse Studies

Crisis Management

Classes Taught

Soapmaking 101 Mugmort Stables 2003

Period Pigments without Poisoning Yourself Mugmort Melees 2012, RUM 2013, Middle Marches 12th Night 2014

Serving as a Local Officer Flaming Gryphon 12th Night 2018

Applying Crisis Response Care in the SCA eRUM 2020

Arts and Sciences Entries

1st Place Brewing and Vinting ; A Simple Mead Trimaris 1998

2ND Place Regional and Kingdom Misc Domestic Arts; A Rag Doll Middle Kingdom 2001

3rd Place Regional Studio Arts; Calligraphy and Illumination Middle Kingdom 2003

26 completed scrolls for Middle Kingdom Scribal Challenge 2012

125+ completed scrolls for Baronial and Kingdom level

Awards and Achievments


(2001) Award of Arms AS35 Edmund and Kateryn

image:apf.gif(2003) Award of the Purple Fret AS37 Tarrach and Fina

image:ow.gif(2014) Order of the Willow AS48 Cellach and Vukasin

Image:doh.gif(2016) Order of the Dragon's Heart. AS51 Edmund and Kateryn

(2017) Royal Augmentation-a quill pen Or. AS52 William and Isolde

(2018) Court Barony AS52 Cellach and Vukasin


(2011) Watchful Tower AS46 Lamorak and Isabeau

(2012) Gilded Reed AS47 Lamorak and Isabeau

(2016) Shepherd of the March AS51 Marcus and Eilis

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