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Dates:Aug 3 - 18, 1996
War Points:number of war points
Who won?: ?
King and Queen: Edmund I and Kateryn I
Prince and Princess: Osis II and Caitlin II
Mayor: Ian Mitchell of Clan Mitchell

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Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Ragnar Ivarsson 17-Aug-1996 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Jonathon of Wimbern 17-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Gaius Niklos Luctator 17-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • William Taylor the Pure 17-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Chrysagon de Guerre 17-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Kryzwel Sorrellson 17-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Lothair Glenlogan 17-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Lucius Aurelius Varus 17-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • William Ransome 16-Aug-1996 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Edward Zifran of Gendy 16-Aug-1996 Dragon's Heart
  • Mairi ni Raghalli 16-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Xavier the Eccentric 16-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Bridget Katherine O'Malley 16-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Roak of Ealdormere 16-Aug-1996 Dragon's Tooth
  • Conn MacNiell 16-Aug-1996 Dragon's Tooth
  • Antonio Cellini 16-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Lewys Michael Patrick Blackmore 16-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Jamie Blackrose 16-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Adrien de Troyes 16-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Gavin McIntyre 16-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Sir Logan 16-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Moragh ni Eoghan 15-Aug-1996 Dragon's Tooth
  • Lothar Nachtshatten 15-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Eduard von Schonberg 15-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Nevik Demonovich 15-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Phillipe de Pamiers 15-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Sigulf Karlnar 15-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Captain Dietrich von Andernach 15-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Talan Gwynek 14-Aug-1996 Laurel
  • Ingerith of Egilsay 14-Aug-1996 Laurel
  • Cassandra Antonelli 14-Aug-1996 Dragon's Heart
  • Owen Fitz Edward of Wales 14-Aug-1996 Dragon's Heart
  • ILYANA YOSIPOVNA 14-Aug-1996 Dragon's Heart
  • Saradwen Ariandalen 14-Aug-1996 Dragon's Heart
  • Ingrid Elizabeth de Marksburry 14-Aug-1996 Dragon's Heart
  • Wulfgang von den Lowen 14-Aug-1996 Greenwood Company
  • Giovanni Allegri 14-Aug-1996 Silver Oak
  • Rannulf d'Aubraye 14-Aug-1996 Silver Oak
  • Aldermoureis Ventzke 14-Aug-1996 Willow
  • Gillian of Bloodwood 14-Aug-1996 Willow
  • Bridget ni Casey 14-Aug-1996 Willow
  • Konrad Mailander 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Breac MacFinnien 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Yehoshua ben Yisrael 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Brian Caradoc Walsh 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Cerridwen of Dragonsmark 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Og the Red 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Alaric du Navarre 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Eliseena the Graceless 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Eoin O'Seaghdha 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Elspeth O'Seaghdha 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Francis Woodmere 14-Aug-1996 Purple Fret
  • Beowulf Gordon of Aldemar 14-Aug-1996 Doe's Grace
  • AElfred of Chester 14-Aug-1996 Red Company
  • Aduke Ayoka Opo 14-Aug-1996 Dragon's Barb
  • Dearth the Wandering 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Serena of the Haven 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Brigid Maeve Marigan 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Thora Runa-Kennanda 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Alisande du Soleil 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Asure ben Labell Ettari 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Aine the Dream Seeker 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Conan de Kirketun of Wyvernsreach 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Edward Dowe (Blackscout) 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Alienor de Saint Remi 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Jehenne de Lur 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Fenric Wulfgarson of the Shadowclans 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Julienne Hungerford 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Damien Morat 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Umberto Foresta di Cento 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Helena Vogel 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Oleg Ivan Volva Ivanovich 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms
  • Dougal Ursal Du 14-Aug-1996 Award of Arms

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My First Pennsic

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