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Kitsune at Gulf Wars, 2015. Photo by Jennifer Ytuarte
Status:Current Member
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Resides:Barony of Ayreton

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Yamamura Kitsune

Kitsune has been a member of the society since A.S.36 (2001). She currently resides in the Canton of Foxvale, Barony of Ayreton, Midlands Region. Some interests include: performing arts, archery, textiles, weaving, tailoring, Japanese studies (culture, arts, fashions, religions), chanoyu (tea ceremony), courtesan history, and history of human sexuality.

[Left: Portrait of Kitsune for "Ladies of the Middle Kingdom" Calendar Fundraiser, 2016]

A woman born during the Momoyama/Azuchi [1573-1603] period in Iga, Japan. Her real name is unknown to most, since she tends to only go by the pseudonym "Kitsune". She is a entertainer, a shaman, and yuujo ("pleasure woman"). Kitsune is what Europeans would consider as a courtesan.

Offices & Positions

Offices Held
2018-Current: Webminister, Middle Kingdom, Middle Kingdom 50th Year Celebration [1]
2017-Current: Webminister, Canton of Foxvale[2]
2017-Current: Webminister At-Large, T.E. Staff Page, Barony of Ayreton[3]
2015-Current: Seneschal, Canton of Foxvale
2011-Current: Regional Webminister, Midlands Region[4]
2002-2004: Webminister, Incipient Shire of Foxvale (Now the Canton of Foxvale)

Positions Held
2015-Current: Kanpaku [Adviser/Assistant], Baronage Staff, Barony of Ayreton
2017: Event Steward, Fox Hunt XIII, Canton of Foxvale
2017: Feast Steward/Coordinator, Fox Hunt XIII, Canton of Foxvale
2012-2016: Co-Organizer of the Known World Courtesan's Social at Pennsic War
2012-2016: Co-Organizer of Foxvale Charity Chest and Coffee House Fundraiser at "Rites of Spring" event
2011: Event Steward, Fox Hunt VII, Canton of Foxvale

Awards & Recognitions

Order of the Evergreen, 01/25/14
Order of the Willow, 09/11/10
Award of the Purple Fret, 11/12/12
Award of the King's Chalice, 11/14/15
Award of Arms, 11/09/02
Award of the Pleiades of Ayreton (baronial award), 08/09/17


Apprentice to Mistress Sarafina Sinclair, 2012
Protege to Baron Gareth Ostwestly, 2018
Protege to Baroness Maggie MacKeith, 2018
Known World Courtesans, Co-Founder, 2012
Canton of Foxvale, Founding Member, 2002

More Info

More details available on her website: https://yamamura.weebly.com

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