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The seneschal serves as the primary administrator and legal contact of a group. This office exists at the local, regional, kingdom, and Society levels.

The Kingdom Seneschal is the principal legal representative of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., within the Middle Kingdom. All regional, principality, baronial or local seneschals report to this Great Officer.

The Kingdom Seneschal has many deputies who oversee specific activities of the Kingdom. These include:

  • First Deputy
  • Waivers Deputy
  • Background Check Deputy
  • Calendar Secretary
  • Cartographer
  • Charter Compliance Deputy
  • Chatelaine
  • Citizenship Treaties
  • Curia Secretary
  • Event Coordinator
  • Law Clerk
  • Media Liaison
  • Minister of Youth
  • New Groups
  • Social Media
  • Special Projects
  • Transition of Groups
  • Web Site Deputy

For more information about the Kingdom Seneschal's office visit:
For more information about the Society Seneschal's office visit:

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