Pleiades of Ayreton

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This is the base level award of the Barony of Ayreton, given for various reason; Martial Arts, Water Bearing, General Service, Arts & Sciences, Heavy Labor and Service to Nobility.

The Award is represented by 6 Colors of Beads given to the recipients.

  • Red – Martial Arts / Shield Wall
  • Orange – Fighter Support / Water Bearing
  • Yellow – General Service
  • Green – Arts & Sciences
  • Blue – Heavy Labor (Schlepping items around)
  • Purple – Retaining / Service to Nobility


As a Baronial Award, the Award of the Pleiades of Ayreton conveys no precedence.

Rights and Privileges

The Award Conveys no rights or privileges, beyond the honor of receipt.


Inspired by the Pleiades Star Cluster and their Mythological Origins as the 7 Daughters of Atlas, this was originally given as a Service Award. But has since been adapted to be given for all disciplines of the Society within Ayreton.

Suggested Scroll Text

Let it be known that We, (NAME) Baron Ayreton, and (NAME), Baroness Ayreton, do recognize the exemplary service that (name of recipient) hath rendered unto the Barony of Ayreton and its peoples, specifically (specific mentions). We do place him/her among our stars, that he/she may be an inspiration to others and do wish to bestow upon him/her the Award of the Pleiades of Ayreton. Let the heavens be filled with the light of such noble service. Given by Our hands this __ day of ____, Anno Societatis (A.S.) __, in our Canton of (Name of Canton).

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