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House Sans Nomen, or literally “House No-Name” is the loosely affiliated conglomerate of households and dependencies spawned from relation to Master John Inchingham and Mistress Maire ingen Dauith. As dependents of theirs tend to stick around rather than dispersing once elevated, the group encompasses a wide range of folk in the Midlands and elsewhere. They are known in particular for their monks robes, beards, and bardic shenanigans.

Dramatis Personae


Comprised of Baron Master John Inchingham of Illiton (OL, OP), Baroness Mistress Maire ingen Dauith of Illiton (OP), their family, and their apprentices/proteges

Apprentices of Master John
1. Master Cerian Cantwr (OL) Former apprentice
2. Master Alexander de Seton (OP) Senior Apprentice
3. Lord Olaf ByGolly Apprentice
4. Master Dahrien Cordell (OP) Apprentice
5. Mistress Lorelei Skye (OL) Former apprentice
6. Lord David de Longville Apprentice (deceased)
7. Dame Marie la Fauconniere (OP) Apprentice
8. Lady Tualaith of Sternfeld Apprentice
9. The Honorable Lady Heregyth Kettilsdottir Apprentice
10. Lady Hildigunnr Halldorsdottir Student
Protégés of Master John
1. Master Philippe DeLyon (OL, OP) Former protégé
2. Master Torquil MacGillavrey (OP, MOD) Former protégé
3. The Honorable Lady Catalin Zoldzem Senior protégé
4. The Honorable Lord Simon Hondy Protégé
5. Baron Kurro Ookami of Shattered Crystal Protégé
Protégés of Mistress Maire
1. Baroness Oda Umi Senior protégé and cadet
2. Lady Nessa von Metten Protégé
Family of John and Maire
1. The Honorable Lady Ynes De Jaen Daughter
2. Duncan Son
3. Sir Seto Gesshuko (KSCA) Son-in-law
Men-at-Arms of Sir Seto
1. Lady Azzah bint al-Badawi al-Murabinnah al-Ruallinnah Man-at-arms
2. Lord Christofle Etienne de Lorraine Man-at-arms

Windmill of Skew

Comprised of Master Cerian Cantwr (OL, former apprentice to Master John), and his apprentices

Apprentices of Master Cerian
1. Meistra Lucia Elena Braganza (OL) Former apprentice
2. The Honorable Lady Beatrice De Winter Senior Apprentice
3. The Honorable Lady Juliane Bechaumpe Apprentice
4. The Honorable Lord Llywelyn Glyndyverdwy Apprentice
5. The Honorable Lady Hilla Stormbringer Apprentice
6. Lady Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht Foster apprentice (shared with Mistress Katriana op den Dijk of Calontir)

Cnoc Cait (Cat Hill)

Comprised of Mistress Maggie of Cnoc Cait (OP), Master Alexander de Seton (OP, Senior apprentice to Master John), and their dependents

Protégés of Mistress Maggie and Master Alexander (The Protegeium)
1. Dame Marie la Fauconniere (OP) Former protégé
2. Lord Lochlainn MacGregor Protégé (deceased)
3. Lady Metylda of Ravenslake Co-Senior Protégé
4. Lord Kveldulf Skallagrimsson of Borg Co-Senior Protégé
5. Dame Calybrid ine Tere (OP) Former protégé
6. Lord Kenwrec Wulfe Protégé
7. Master Kai Tseng (MOD) Protégé
8. Mistress Nadezda ze Zastrizl (OP) Former protégé
9. Baroness Malie of Rivenstar (Malie bean MhicAoidh) Protégé
Henchmen of Master Alexander (cadets)
1. Baron Adhamh of Rivenstar (Master Adhamh MacAoidh) (MOD) Former Henchman
2. Warder Stephan Montague Senior Henchman
3. Baroness Malie of Rivenstar (Malie bean MhicAoidh) Henchman

Chateau DeLyon

Comprised of Master Philippe DeLyon (OL, OP, Former protégé of Master John), Lady Melisande, and his dependents

Apprentices of Master Philippe
1. Master Errc Glaison (OL) Former apprentice
2. Mistress Brighid MacCumhal (MOD) Former apprentice
3. Lord Mercia Apprentice
4. Lady Azzah bint al-Badawi al-Murabbinnah al-Ruallinnah Apprentice
Protégés of Master Philippe
1. Warder Damian Nihthauk Protégé
Philippe’s Scholars of Fence
1. The Honorable Lord Simon Hondy Senior Scholar
2. The Honorable Lord Fintan MacAldin Scholar


Comprised of Mistress Moira MacGillavrey (OP), and Master Torquil MacGillavrey (OP, MOD, Former protégé of Master John), and dependents

Protégés of Master Torquil
1. The Honorable Lady Kara Cypriani
2. Lady Valeria Contadina
3. Lord Ronan Keith
Cadets of Master Torquil
1. Lady Sorcha MacGillavrey
2. Count Archtryx
3. Lord Bjorn Arnaldsson

The Bardic Barracks

Comprised of Mistress Margaret Mellies der Rosenwinkel (OL, OP) and Master Dahrien Cordell (OP, Apprentice of Master John) and dependents

Protégés of Master Dahrien
1. Widow Kate Braithwaite

The Cairn

Comprised of Dame Marie la Fauconniere (OP, Apprentice of Master John), and dependents

Protégés of Dame Marie
1. Lady Sara Bayley

The Ivy Annex

Comprised of Mistress Lorelei Skye of Sans Nomen (OL, Former Apprentice of Master John)

Casa Lucia

Comprised of Meistra Lucia Elena Braganza (OL, Former Apprentice of Master Cerian)

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