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This page is a listing of blogs published by members of the Middle Kingdom populace. Please only post blogs for Midrealmers.

If you would like to follow any of these blogs, there are many blog-following services such as Feedly.com (This is not an endorsement of Feedly, just an example.)

Blogger Blog URL Subject(s)
Andreas Blacwode A Paper Muse Poetry, Collected Works
Aveline de Ceresbroch Harpy and Hag Blog Block Printing
Brendan O Corraidhe Bardlog Philosophy and practice of the bardic arts
Edyth Miller The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist Costuming
Elizabeth “Bess” de Nevell the honorable lady bess Costuming, SCA Life, Culture
Ercc Glaison http://ercc-glaison.blogspot.com/
Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn Fiadnata's Notebook Weaving, Fiber Arts
Genoveva von Lübeck * Honor Before Victory (SCA projects blog)
* German Renaissance (16th c. German research blog)
German Renaissance costuming and sundry projects.
James ap Llewellyn Halfway Oak Farm 14th century life blog 14th Century Life, Hunting, Equestrian etc.
Jahan Ara bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza In the City of Peace... Research of 10th Century Baghdad, nexus of the Silk Road
Milesent Vibert * Milesent's old blog
* Milesent's new blog
Costuming, Calligraphy and Illumination, Personal ramblings
Odette d'Amboise Odette's project blog Costuming and cooking
Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht Ramblings of an SCA Bard Bard stuff
Ursula Georges Ursula's blog Heraldry, history, research
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