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The Officer in charge of youth activities for a group. The Kingdom Youth Officer is a deputy for the Kingdom Seneschal

The Kingdom Minister of Youth is responsible for:

  • supporting local youth officers and parents
  • sharing knowledge with people of all ages
  • integrating history and SCA Culture into fun, safe, and age-appropriate educational activities
  • helping young people grow as members of our Society
  • recognizing youth and their contributions to the Kingdom
  • reporting on all of the above to the Kingdom Chatelaine

It is the belief of this office that the Children of our Kingdom are our Future AND our Present. It is our duty to ensure that they feel safe and recognized as important members of the Midrealm. They are a precious treasure and capable of contributing to our Society in a great many ways.


The history of Midrealm's Minister of Youth Office.

2002-2003 Cassandra Antonelli- Minister of Youth

  • -title changed from Minister of Children to Minister of Youth

2003-2005 Nicholaa Halden

2005-2007 Sabine de Rouen

2007-2009 Anthoinette Martel

2009-2011 Tyzes Sofia called Zsof

2011-2014 Elizabethe Alles

2014-2016 Gebhard von Lozengia

2016-2019 Ceara inghean Mhuirghease

2019-2021 Artemisia Voltera

2021-present SaehildR barngothR

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