Pennsic XLIV

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Dates:Jul 24 to Aug 9, 2015
War Points:East-Middle alliance 19, Aethelmearc Alliance 18
Who won?: Declared a tie
King and Queen: Ragnvaldr III and Arabella III
Prince and Princess: Nikolai and Serena
Mayor: Illiam Uaine (Called Frog)

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Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Wigthegn the Younger 07-Aug-2015 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Ynes de Jaen 07-Aug-2015 Dragon's Heart
  • Dasani 07-Aug-2015 Purple Fret
  • Haroun Ibn-Ditr 07-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Cedric Adolphus 07-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Honor von Atzinger 07-Aug-2015 Red Company
  • Constanza de Mendoza 07-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Birke die Jaegerin 07-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Lars Larsson the rockthrower 07-Aug-2015 Cavendish Knot
  • Alessandra Brucioli 07-Aug-2015 Cavendish Knot
  • Midrealm 10 Man Melee Team 07-Aug-2015 Dragon's Teeth
  • House Gray Fox 07-Aug-2015 Dragon's Teeth
  • Thieves of Hearts 07-Aug-2015 Dragon's Teeth
  • Estelle de la Mer 06-Aug-2015 Laurel
  • Jean LeBref 06-Aug-2015 Dragon's Heart
  • Madelaine Bouvier 06-Aug-2015 Dragon's Heart
  • Bella Roisin OCoilleain 06-Aug-2015 Dragon's Heart
  • Faydwynn Randve 06-Aug-2015 Evergreen
  • Ginevra Boscoli 06-Aug-2015 Evergreen
  • Lasair inghen ui h'Airt 06-Aug-2015 Purple Fret
  • Aldís Sigurðardóttir 06-Aug-2015 Red Company
  • Alexander von de Nord 06-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Alessandra Brucioli 06-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Costança Daguiar 06-Aug-2015 Cavendish Knot
  • Haven von Barton 06-Aug-2015 Award of Arms
  • Mountain Goat Armored Division 06-Aug-2015 Dragon's Teeth
  • Moll Sotherden 05-Aug-2015 Evergreen
  • Dagrun Gunnarsdottir 05-Aug-2015 Award of Arms
  • Sybilla bint Vargas 05-Aug-2015 Dragon's Treasure
  • Mica du Darragonne 04-Aug-2015 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Louis LeCoffrier 04-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Mei Li 04-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Kilian 04-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Eleanor Berwyk 04-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Ajax Dracofuror 04-Aug-2015 Red Company
  • Trelogin Tavistok 04-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Faraldr Sørkvir 04-Aug-2015 Award of Arms
  • Barony of Brendoken 04-Aug-2015 Dragon's Teeth
  • House Sjarulf 04-Aug-2015 Dragon's Teeth
  • Gunnar Redboar 04-Aug-2015 Sapphire
  • Catherine of Deva 03-Aug-2015 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Nigellus leHaie 03-Aug-2015 Court Baron / Baroness
  • Stephan Edgermont 03-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Rose de la Cumbe 03-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Sarnat ingen Chormeicc 03-Aug-2015 Dragon's Tooth
  • Gaius Titius Aquila 03-Aug-2015 Red Company
  • House Drachenstein 03-Aug-2015 Dragon's Teeth

Champions Teams





My First Pennsic

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